No truth to Ballard Market rumors

There’s quite a discussion on LiveJournal about a rumor that Ballard Market has been purchased by condo developers. So we called the store manager for the straight scoop. “There is absolutely no truth to that rumor,” he said, adding that he’s been asked the same question over and over again the last few days.

It seems Ballard residents are getting a little jumpy, especially after the news that Sunset Bowl will shut down in April to make way for luxury apartments. We just saw this Photoshopped photo appear on Flickr of bulldozers and a wrecking ball poised outside Sunset Bowl…

Photo posted by Jeff Burger.

Bring on the ‘Deathcake Royale’

An annual tradition before Valentine’s Day, the folks at Cupcake Royale will soon roll out the “Deathcake Royale,” which they call “Seattle’s most lovingly lethal cupcake.” (Basically, it’s chocolate on top of chocolate.) But before it goes on sale on February 1st, you can race down to the Ballard store on Market today (Friday) between 3 and 5 p.m. for a “free sneak peek tasting.”

Police release sketch in teacher attack

Adams Elementary teacher James Skillings continues his recovery after he was attacked trying to help a woman at a bus stop. Now police have released a sketch of the suspect: a man in his 40s with a slim build and wrinkled face, carrying a large black backpack and wearing a black thigh-length coat with a white stripe down one sleeve. Meanwhile, Skillings is improving, yet is having trouble speaking. “Physically he’s able to walk with some weakness on one side, but he’s not able to converse because when he tries to put a sentence together he can’t find the right words,” his sister Jane Skillings Thompson told the Seattle PI.

Community meeting about Denny’s

The group “Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement in Western Washington” is holding a community meeting tonight (Wednesday) at the Ballard Library to discuss efforts to save the Denny’s on 15th and Market. Keep in mind this is not the official city meeting to decide whether to designate the Denny’s as a city landmark. That meeting is on Feb. 20th.

Construction to begin on Ballard’s first hotel

City planners have given the green light for construction to begin on a six-story Silver Cloud Hotel along the water at Shilshole Ave. NW and 24th Ave (the site of the old Yankee Grill parking lot.) But part of the deal is Silver Cloud has to be able to show that 60 percent of its business originates from people who work in the marine or industrial fields. Silver Cloud already has hotels on Eastlake and Capitol Hill, to name a few.

City of Seattle photo of the project site.

‘Edith is not the only one fighting’ for Ballard

I just noticed this comment on last week’s post about Edith Macefield, the elderly Ballard woman who refused to sell her home to developers. It was left by a man named Rudy who says he’s lived in Ballard for 6 decades. “They want my house too and the lovely corner 1/4 acre lot it sits on,” he writes. “They won’t get it, not from me nor the family that I have willed it to. Edith is not the only one fighting to keep Ballard’s history.”

New restaurants in the neighborhood

There are quite a few new restaurants in Ballard. The first is the Ballard Loft, a very cool restaurant and sports bar that opened a couple weeks ago in Old Ballard, at 5105 Ballard Ave. We haven’t eaten there yet — I just poked my head in and looked around — but the ambience is one my favorites in the area. Plus, there’s a rolling door that opens up to a patio for summer…

Adds Elttaes in comments: “Went to the Loft this weekend. Food consists of $8-9 ‘gourmet’ hot dogs. Hopefully this is fare is just for the opening. Decent service, decent beer prices (25oz Stella available!). Met the owner, seemed really nice.” Elttaes was nice enough to take a shot of the menu, here.

On Market, right across from The Old Pequliar, is The Monkey Bridge, a new Vietnamese restaurant that has yet to open.

On Market and 8th, the Ballard Mandarin Chinese restaurant is gearing up to open. And bonus points: it has a good-sized parking lot along the side.

Update on Ballard teacher’s condition

Joseph Skillings, who was attacked while he attempted to call 911 to help a woman in distress, is gradually improving at Harborview Medical Center. “With help, Mr. Skillings sat on the edge of his bed for a moment,” explains an online journal updated by family and friends. “He continues to look around at his room and us. He also ate a very small amount of food and sipped some water. These are small but important victories.”

So far, police report no arrests in his assault.

Review: Zayda Buddy’s Pizza

Zayda Buddy’s opened in Ballard on Leary near 20th about three months ago or so, so we decided to stop in for lunch to check it out.

First off, the decor is very cool: sort of Ballard hipster alehouse with a Midwestern flair. The menu’s centerpiece is its Minnesota-style pizza, so we ordered up a half-and-half 14-incher along with some buffalo wings. The wings were good, not too hot (although some guys may say they’re not hot enough.) The pizza — thin crust, cut into squares — was good as well, although the tomato sauce can be a little overbearing if you only order a couple toppings (I had the “Ballard Bridge,” and it was tasty.) All in all, we recommend it, especially for late-night pizza snacks and drinks.