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  2. My daughter and I went here for supper on a Sunday evening. It was Mother's Day, so we weren't surprised to find it mostly empty, as it doesn't seem to be a Mother's Day kind of place. Our server was very attentive from beginning to end, so no complaints there. We both ordered a Bloody Mary. The drinks were perfect, just the right amount of spice, with lots of pickled veggies and a cheese curd, served with a lager chaser. Our pizza had a nice thin crust, was served very hot, and cut into squares, which are so much easier to eat than huge slices. We also ordered the bratwurst, which was absolutely delicious. All in all, we were pleased and will return.

  3. Came in for the Hamm's, fell in love with the fries in gravy, coming back for the casserole. The pizzas feature adventurous combinations (Border Patrol: canadian bacon, pineapple, fresh jalapenos; Buffalo Chicken; etc.), a crazy slicing methodology, and crispy thin crust.

    The side dishes are where the fun is at. Plus, the salad has a unique beet/garbanzo bean/spicy topping.

  4. I think this place is great. Went in intrigued by the “ode to tater-tots” sign and was pleasantly surprised by the delicious (albeit terrible for you) food. Wait staff has always been attentive enough and started to treat my fiancé and I like regulars (possibly because we had become addicted and made it our go-to place to bring visitors). Very friendly and mellow vibe. Only complaints are the fact that there always seems to be one extremely loud booth every time we go (not their fault) and that the stupid name of the place reminds me of a Boulder Colorado Frat hang-out for some reason.

  5. I did carry out pizza only. Loved it, only because I grew up in Chicago with thin crust pizza cut into squares. I hate the bread-y/super doughy pizza crusts that are popular here. This pizza had a nice crispy thin crust, with toppings that go all the way to the edge (not like the 2″ of dough that most pizzas have here). Toppings were fresh and tasty and the sauce was pretty good too. Not too much cheese, just the right amount.

    Not all Chicago pizza is that gross stuffed/dish stuff. Most of the pizza there is just like Zayda Buddy's – thin and crispy. I'll try this again for sure.

  6. I grew up in the Midwest where pizzas have a thin crust and are cut into squares, like they do it at ZBs! We eat here so often that we’re on a first name basis with most of the staff. :-) Their pizzas are terrific, but don’t overlook the other food on their menu. The fried cheese curds are killer, as are their onion rings and tots. Yum and yum.

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