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  1. We just enjoyed take-out from Ballard Mandarin for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised. We expected mediocre chinese, like we are used to, but it was excellent! Big chunks of BBQ pork in the fried rice and the green bean dish was outstanding. Our toddler who has an amazing knack for avoiding anything green actually sought out the green beans! We call that success!

  2. A foodie friend who has more recipies in his head than I have in cookbooks insisted that I join him at the Mandarin. It had taken over new management I think a few months before and I really was okay with going out for Chinese food but not thrilled beforehand with the idea. I’d gotten the the point of thinking most Chinese restaurants are about the same and that registered as boring on my list. Needless to say I haven’t eaten this kind of food in over five years.

    As my daughter would say, The Mandarin Rocks, I love the food there, I probably eat there about every 10 days and always try to have something new off the menu. Plenty of food but mostly it is just really good.

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