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  1. They have plenty of meatless items on the menu and the beer is always cold and yummy. The little bar section is comfortable and you can't ask for better service.
    And newspaper clippings in the restroom stalls? How great is that?

  2. Been there twice had very decent food for the money there. You must remember that first and foremost its a brewery, not a gourmet restaurant, you are only paying $12-$14 an entrée.

  3. Use to be better, or maybe with all the great food in Seattle, we've become jaded.

    On our last visit, we stopped by around 9 PM. The menu said they served until 10 PM. The server brought us menus, then when we tried to order, she said the kitchen was closed – huh? So why did you bring us menus?

    We pointed out that it said they served until 10, she had a consult with the kitchen, and then said okay. Whatever we ordered wasn't available, and what we did order appeared to have been thrown together with little enthusiasm.

    We'll probably try again one day, but the competition for the food dollar these days is frantic, and you can't really afford to tick off customers.

  4. My husband and I will be moving across the state in a few months– and one of the things I'll miss most (besides Ballard Market) is Hale's. I felt the need to write a review to combat all of the salt lovers that are posting. As far as pub food goes, Hale's has a tasty, consistent menu. The rock fish and chips are awesome (granted, some days are a bit better than others) with panko breading instead of beer batter, the club sandwich is great, and the happy hour burger deal is fantastic. If you're not a fan a salads swimming in dressing, the pub salad is an excellent side. Also, the meatloaf is a standout — on par with the Tin Hat.

    Summary: Good pub food with good beer. Salt shakers are on the table.

  5. 3 strikes and you’re out. Attended Hale’s “brunch” after the St. Paddy’s Dash this morning. Ordered Biscuits & Gravy.
    Biscuits = dry
    Gravy = bland
    Sausage = rubbery
    Potatoes = burnt
    Waitress = Careless

    3 visits to Hale’s Ales has led to 3 disappointments. I will not go back.

    Their beer is not good either.

  6. Great beer, great place to sit back with a group of friends and relax, good enough food to make the beer that much more tasty.

    Nothing here to complain about for me. I love having this place in the neighborhood.

  7. Fantastic beer. Food’s good too especially burgers. Service is always good and we’ve been there dozens of times. Just wondering how godawful Barking Dog ended up with same overall rating as Hales – that’s crazy especially when you read all the deservedly bad reviews!

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