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  1. I gave this place a fair chance. But the food is only so-so and the crowd is obnoxious. And the decor is disturbing.

  2. Been to Kings a couple of times. Really wanted to like it but they served me a tasteless puck on a bun (and charged me for a hamburger) and their tap beer is most definitely NOT the coldest in town. In fact, I would call it lukewarm at best. Yum, lukewarm beer, just what I wanted on a hot summer day. Too bad.

  3. Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods.. and this is one of my favorite places to get them in seattle. If you want a burger that is cooked rare to medium-rare.. this is the place. plus they have some interesting burger choices. I have to agree with people that say it can get overly packed especially weekend nights. usually a good time.. they need to update the jukebox too with more/better music

  4. Its a good bar. The burgers are ok. The bar has a good atmosphere to it and the back patio is pretty cool too. It gets pretty crowded on the weekend with a lot of younger peeps than myself, which makes it difficult to get a quick drink or just kick it and get drunk. The staff could be a little friendlyer, but I think its kinda the bars character which is kinda cool I guess. I look for a little more. Waitresses will get to you when they get to you, no real hurry to satisfy. Overall I like it during off hours, and the Bar is pretty cool.

  5. Great Burgers and awesome barstaff. I love a place where the bartenders are quick witted and can turn out the drinks on a busy night. I will be back.

  6. Best burgers in Ballard, hands down. Very good beer selection and the fresh fries are dang good.

  7. gotta love the skee ball tourney! the waitress staff does kinda suck but if you just go and get your beer from the bar it works out alot better!

  8. This is a fantastic place to get a good, reasonably priced burger and a pitcher of beer is a steal during Happy Hour. The skeeball is great, the back porch is awesome, and the location is great. I love going to Hardware.

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