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  1. YUCK ! I guess growing up with Sicilian grandparents in NY has jaded me when it comes to determining what is good and what is not good when it comes to Idy food. Good effort, no substance.

  2. Great calzone's, with wheat crust – we always order a side of their excellent marinara to dip or pour over the calzone. Good prices, great service, and their baked zucchini is worth ordering more than once!

  3. Quick delivery- serve breakfast all day! Marinara sauce is a bit off to me – too spicy but continue to order take out and am happy – good desserts too.

  4. We would like to make you another one and discussed that with you please give us another chance
    Your feed back is important to us
    Palermo’s Management

  5. My apologies to Palermo’s for only focusing on the negative/pizza in my previous review, because everything else about them we continue to enjoy a lot. We should take responsiblity for what we say in public, and I need to add fairness and balance to my comment.
    First, the rest of the food:
    The special Wedding Soup is To Die For, above excellent restaurant food and more like your Mother’s or Grandmother’s famous family dish that she has perfected while serving to family for 40 years. Do not miss it if you are lucky enough to have it the day you are there. The spinach salad, polpette, and buffalo wings are also consistently quite good. The canoli has been fresh every time, which is something I can only say about the few restaurants that make them fresh one at a time as they are ordered. There are few things in life better than fresh chocolate canoli.
    Secondly, the service:
    The service we have received from Palermo’s has been impeccable in every time of day, good and bad weather, and quiet or rush times including holidays and Big Games. Every person we have met from Palermo’s has been extremely friendly and pleasant to my family and I, including when they are wet, dripping, and cold and delivering our food in the dark. Some of them remember us and provide personalized service that makes us feel they really value us as customers.
    We have just been disappointed in what has happened with the pizza during the last several months, but I should not have implied that the pizza is the only thing about Palermo’s, everything else and everyone there we have been very happy with.
    My apologies to the folks at Palermo’s for only focusing on the negative in my last review.

  6. I love, love, love the food in this place, I have eaten there twice and both times I bragged to all of my friends about the experience, the food was simply perfect.

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