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  1. We love Sam's. Not super-premium sushi, but we are not in the market for $75-100/person, so we are medium-quality sushi people, and Sam's offers very solid and consistent value in that price range. We've been to Sam's about once every 2 months during the last several years and have alwayd gotten good service, good to occasionally very good sushi, pretty good rolls, and an overall good value. It also has a nice neighborhood vibe – we really enjoy our time at Sam's – whenever we go out it is one of the top 3 or 4 places we consider. We're flirting with the idea of trying the new sushi places in the area, but somehow feel like we're cheating on Sam's if we do it. They're going to have to be really good and a great value to get us to switch from Sam's.

  2. We used to love Sam's – great for kids, good sushi, went there all the time. But recently they “updated” and now their sushi sucks. Gigantic portions of meager quality fish (sorry, don't want to take three or four bites to finish one piece of sashimi) and suddenly way over-Americanized. Sorry to say it, but we won't be back.

  3. We love Sams Sushi. Very fresh sushi. Their sushi rolls are unique and tasty. We really like the Cali Crunch, the Ballard Roll and and the Seattle Roll. The raw fish sushi we got had a huge, too big, hunk of raw salmon on rice. That was the only down side. This restaurant is very kid friendly. My son and I love coming here.

  4. Ate there last in Aug 09. Perhaps 10th time have eaten there in all. I just LOVE sushi and I think this place rates a 9 out of 10. Just really really great sushi.

  5. One of my fav sushi places. The chef's plate is always a good deal and comes with tons of good sushi!

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