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  1. Had lunch there today at a lovely outdoor table. Sandwich was very disappointing. It was billed as a portabella panini and instead of a large grilled portabella mushroom, it has sliced up RAW crimini (tiny) mushrooms. Who wants a raw mushroom sandwich?

  2. I agree with th posts indicating poor service. Seems slow and non attentive. We went in here with our 9 year old son and got attitude from the staff like kids were not allowed.

  3. I have been there 4 times, and every single time we have had attentive service, great suggestions and excellent food. The last time I had the biscuits and gravy and they were the best that I have ever had…including multiple tastings in Georgia, North Carolina, etc. This is a great place to kick back for a while and have a quality meal.

  4. of course kids are allowed, although if you allow your child to run around the restaurant and scream at will it's likely you would receive the attitude that you should work on your parenting.

  5. Trendy emos? Are you in middle school, or do you just have an exceptionally poor grasp of colloquial terms?

    I'm guessing you're a disgruntled employee and nothing more, considering your assertion that they “run their staff rough” and “are bad to work for”. They provide health and dental insurance to all their employees. Real “bad to work for”.

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