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  2. I was looking forward to your wonderful reuben sandwich the other day. To my great disappointment it was 90% sauerkraut and horseradish and 10% cheese and corned beef. I know these are difficult times but to cut back on the ingredients that set your cafe apparent from others is just plain bad business. I spent $15 and had to throw it out.

  3. I have to agree, I would say these sandwiches are over rated. Ive gone a couple of times and tried out different items… they were all average with an above average price. If you really want a sandwich that will blow your mind then try out Tat's delicatessen in pioneer square or smarty pants all the way down in Georgetown.

  4. It’s ok if you want a sandwich, but at times the quality can be hit or miss. Had a Chicken Parm. and the edges of the chicken were overcooked/dried out. It definitely took away from the eating experience. The time before, the sandwich was fine. Went with some friends and they felt the same.

    Price wise, I think they are more expensive than they should be, but hey, it’s Seattle.

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