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  1. I LOVE this place! Huge portions, lots of flavor and great sauces to choose from. The slow dog is my favorite.

  2. I grew up in Texas and ate bbq regularly. I realize there are regional differences, but this is place is pretty terrible. Portions are too small and pricey for meat that's smoked in a gas smoker and stored behind a glass underneath heat lamp.

    If you love bbq and have some time to kill, smoke some meat, poultry and fish yourself on a regular grill using charcoal and hardwood. (don't use softwood like pine or cedar) Use indirect heat and water pan. Check the temperature frequently. There are lot of instructions on the internet.

  3. Apparently you have neve been to Texas then, since that is how brisket is cooked correctly with the fat left to keep the meat moist. Places that trim the fat should not be in business. Brisket cooked without the fat side up is dry and tasteless. If you want that go anywhere else in Seattle.

  4. Best bbq in Ballard (not Seattle). Great pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. Ribs are very tender and have the perfect amount of smoke, same with the pulled pork. Sauces are all very good. The only thing not up to snuff IMO are the sides. Beans are usually dry and lightly flavored, slaw is mediocre and potato salad is bland.

  5. I love the brisket and chicken, but I've loved just about all their meats. Of course the brisket is fatty; good grief, it's BBQ not health food!
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with other reviewers about the horrible sides. I usually just buy the meat and make my own sides. The best of them is the potato salad, but that isn't saying a lot.

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