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  2. CASH ONLY not happy at all about that. Some staff is stuck on themselves. Food was good but over priced. Coffee was very good. Would go to again.

  3. Cash or local check only, but they’ll always let you come back with cash later. I’ve gone back to pay more than an hour after they closed. They were there and were fine with it.

    The prices are on par with similar places around town, but the food and coffee are much better.

  4. I will argue with any hipster from Capitol Hill that the Dish is the best breakfast in Seattle. Never had a bad meal their. Coffee is great. try the “Seattle to Portland” or the eggs beny. I’m a fan of the breakfast at Senior Moose, and the Kona Kitchen on the other side of I-5 is very good as well, but the Dish is my favorite.

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