Drugs on the streets of Ballard

Writes bscowler today in the My Ballard forum:

“As a six year Ballard resident it’s disheartening to see blatant drug deals going down in broad daylight in front of my apartment building. I live on 17th Ave south of Market Street, and over the past two years I’ve witnessed countless drug transactions occuring on and around the streets where I live. I’ve called the police on several occasions, but by the time they arrive the dealer and customers are long gone. I’ve even taken to writing down the license plate numbers of the cars involved and submitting them to the narcotics unit of the SPD, but all they can do is add the information to their database. Has anyone else noticed an increase in drug dealing in their neighborhoods since Ballard has become the Friday and Saturday night hot-spot?”

6 comments on “Drugs on the streets of Ballard”

  1. You shouldnt be telling on people. we all have walks of life. and some are good and some are bad.

  2. This is a world wide problem. we have to understand that they ( the police) cant be responsible for everything

  3. Its allways going on under your nose because people from all walks of life do drugs. Allways have in history. Whatever drug is out there someone is doing them and someone is selling them. SUPPLY AND DEMAND

  4. I agree, a White drug dealer is just as bad and so is an African American one. What they are is drug dealers and there race does not matter at all. unless Milodakkat thinks that it is only one type. he is probably scary to him cause he is a punk anyway.

  5. This politically correctness is just driving me crazy. If he was a MEXICAN, we shouldn’t be afraid to say it loud. If he came from Mexico, he is Mexican. If he moved here from Africa he is an African, not African-American. I came from Russia and I am Russian; I don’t call my self Russian-American or other names….. So,why do some people are getting offended????

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