3 comments on “Taki’s Mad Greek”

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  2. Food is great with big portions and reasonable prices but the service??? Really, really slow throughout!

  3. Mmmm…souvlaki, the potatoes. Gyro's too. Great food good prices. Going now.

  4. I love the mad greek. It has the best kafu I've ever tried and I particularly enjoy the heiterospectic kumaforwodliakhe bread. The waitresses all wear togae propters and none of them were heterocentric towards us. They treated my kids in the most passive periphrastic manner I've ever encountered. And the French fries! Ah to die for. I felt like Leonidas, trapped up against the crags of Thermopolye, faced with overwhelming hoards of tempting piles of cloresterol coated pikes and delicticious spears of potatoes……yum

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