7-11 employee hits beer thief

A shoplifting suspect must have had some headache after being hit in the head over $4 worth of beer. Last week, the six-foot tall suspect with an athletic build walked into the 7-11 on 24th Ave NW and walked out without paying for two 24 ounce Lighthouse beers. Earlier that night the employee let the man take a beer even though he was 40 cents short, if he promised to pay up by 11 p.m. According to police, the suspect returned around 10:30 p.m. and stole the two cans. Taking matters into his own hands, the employee grabbed a flashlight and followed the suspect out of the store. After being the target of a thrown stolen beer, the employee feared for his safety and hit the suspect in the head with the flashlight. Police arrested the suspect who was taken to Harborview Medical Center before heading to jail.

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