Reported stabbing on Market St.

A 22-year-old man says he was stabbed on Market St. at NW 20th Ave. shortly after midnight on October 23rd, according to a Seattle Police report. The victim says two suspects came up to him and demanded money. When he refused to hand over his wallet, he told Seattle Police that one of the men stabbed him in the left chest area above the heart and then ran away. The victim said he went home thinking it was a minor injury, noticed it was bleeding several hours later, and friends took him Ballard Swedish. He gave police a description of one of the men — a white man with long blond/strawberry hair, a mustache and a scar on his upper lip. There’s no word of any arrests.

Back in September we wrote about a sign that had been posted warning “late nighters” of muggings in the area. When we contacted the Seattle Police, they were unable to provide any information. We’ll follow up on this report with SPD and update you with any more details if they provide it.

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