Archie McPhee’s book, ‘Who Would Buy This?’

If you could read the thought bubbles of people shopping at Archie McPhee, they’d probably say something like, “Seriously?” and “Who would buy this?” The famous chotchke shop in Ballard has been selling novelty toys for more than 25 years, and now they’ve written a book about it. Appropriately titled “Who Would Buy This?” the book looks at some of their most interesting products along with stories about federal agencies and angry librarians. As one commenter writes on the write-up, “From bacon-flavored dental products to yodeling pickles, avenging mythical beasts to ninja wallets, Archie McPhee is the Mecca for all things awesome. This book offers a look at some of the most successful products and their history, along with a special category for the particularly bizarre.” The hardcover book sells for about $25.

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