Bank of America investigating ATM fraud

The Bank of America fraud department is trying to figure out what happened at the ATM that’s connected to the drive-through on NW 56th St.

According to an employee at the bank, there was some sort of fraud occurring around the middle of last month, although they won’t say for sure if it was a card reader (also known as a “skimmer“). She said the bank has called everyone whose number might be compromised and has frozen debit cards of all the account holders who may have been affected. No word on how many customers were called, but two My Ballard readers in the forum say they were contacted. “The bank is working to resolve my personal account but told me they’ve had others report the same, so they are investigating,” said Patyh, who first posted the warning in the forum. B of A says the ATM there is now safe to use.

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I guess I am not the only victim of ATM fraudulent withdrawal. Though I have never had any problem with Bank of America since I started banking with them since 2002. However, I had a problem with CAPITAL ONE BANK and this time it was a credit fraudulent withdrawal at a CAPITAL ONE banking center. I applied for a credit card with capital one sometimes in November 2008 and believe you me, they card never got to me. I received a call from a capital one representative asking if I have received the card and instructed if I didn’t receive the card by next Monday (they called on a Friday) and lo and behold I was suspicious and called the automated service and entered my social to get access to the account and the system relayed to me that $400 has been withdrawn from the account. So start my unending battle, calling the customer service, spoke to the numerous representatives and even the account manager called Juanda. Left messages but she never call me unless she will call in after writing this. I was instructed to send various documents, undertaken, police report and what have you still nothing has been… Read more »