Your amazing photos of the snow

Updated: We’ve received quite a few photos from My Ballard readers in our email over the last few days, like this one on Market St. from Wayne Buck:

We’ve already posted a few, but here are many more for your viewing pleasure. Bet you’ve never seen Ballard like this before…

“Here’s my boat ‘Snoose’ at Shilshole,” Ron writes on Monday morning.

Sledding on 71st and 34th, courtesy of Lars who shot the action photo.

Leif Erickson statue at Shilshole, shot by Linzi.

Golden Gardens, also photographed by Linzi.

Karen sent us this photo of a snow sculpture on 80th between 3rd and 6th.

Melody took this photo with her camera phone of an igloo on 58th between 20th and 22nd on the north side of the street. An igloo?!

The pool at Olympic Manor frozen over, shot by Barry

Barry also sent us this photo of 99th St. looking down to 24th.

“Ooops, guess that’s not a driveway,” quips Jim, who sent us the photo of a car in the QFC parking lot on 15th at 85th.

Jimmy shot a photo of the same scene the night before when an appropriate message was written on the windshield.

Overlooking the marina at Shilshole, photographed by Gordy.

“Our neighbor got his Bobcat out and cleared the sidewalks on our street,” Gordy said. “Many of us were outside and applauded as he drove along.”

You don’t see this every day. My Ballard readers AlanBob and AmyBob relax on a comfy couch near 22nd and 62nd with their dogs Tilda and Daisy. Photo by their visiting friend from Brooklyn, Shelby.

Al took this photo of Leif Erickson.

Nubbee sent us this photo of Cupcake Royale, which was able to open its doors to snow-weary customers Sunday morning.

“The streets aren’t even safe for snowmen,” jokes thus spake drake.

This is a snow gator. “He’s made from the snow we shoveled off the front steps. The spines are the crusty top layer of the snow,” explains Wendy. “He has pine cone section teeth, purple carrot eyes, orange carrot toes.”

Sledders on 59th at 28th St., photographed by Judd.

Judd also shot this photos of dogs frolicking in the snow.

Giselle found a parrot in the snow. She was able to lure it to safety.

Lots of cars around Ballard were doing the “wiper salute” to avoid freezing them to the windshield. “Pretty funny to see this kind of ‘preparedness’ when not 1 in 20 cars I’ve seen has chains on the tires,” says AlanBob, who sent us the photo.

Winter Solstice party on Shilshole’s J dock, photographed by Al.

“There won’t be any grilling today,” says Lisa Albers.

“Here is a picture of my son (Nathan, 8) creatively using household items to give his sister (Kitty 22 months) a sleigh ride on the walk to Salmon Bay Park,” writes Sharon. “They made a lot of of people giggle on the walk.”

Curvy icicles on an apartment building along 24th, photographed by Wendi.

Thursday’s snow outside Java Bean on 24th, shot by Sandra.

Also on Thursday, here’s the Ballard Landmark, courtesy of Scott.

Sx2 says this car slid into a snow bank on 65th and proceeded to get stuck. Notice the spatula as a snow removal device.

Walking through the snow on 24th near 60th St. Photo by January Fredericks.

Steve shot this photo looking down closed 65th St. from Phinney Ridge. The slope in the road makes it look like we have several feet of snow.

Obviously. Also photographed by Steve.

Steve also sent us a surreal look at Starbucks on Phinney Ridge.

Thanks everyone for sending us photos! If you send more (, we’ll add them here. You can also see more on the Ballard pool on Flickr.

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Hey – lovely photos.  Can I use one (the boat one ”
“Here’s my boat ‘Snoose’ at Shilshole,” Ron writes on Monday morning.”) on our website advertising boat heaters for winter?