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  2. Mmmmm….I loved Zaw – just tried it the other day. Their pizza is flavorful and is a nice change from the less than average pizza you generally find in Seattle. The wine and beer is a nice touch too. Not sure about the posters who complain it is expensive – seems good value to me and prices are comparable to other pizza places in the city. Plus there is nothing like the smell of a pizza cooking in your kitchen. Seriously, I just may try to pass it off as a home made dish one of these days…. :)

  3. I finally checked this place out based on a recommendation from a friend who frequents the Capitol Hill location. I've walked by several times, but have been wary to try it as I'm not completely confident in the functioning of my oven. The staff were helpful with my decision making, and set me up with an apricot, chicken and blue cheese pizza, a wedge style Caesar, and a 4 pack of Session Lager stubbies (served in an inconspicuous Jones Soda holder). Total bill was under $35 with tax. They made sure I had the cooking instructions down and sent me on my way. Got home, set the oven to pre-heat, cracked a Session (twist off cap is false advertising – OUCH), and dug into the Caesar. So far so good, as the Caesear dressing had lots of garlic and anchovie flavor like it should, along with some nice chopped red onion that worked well for me. What's that beeping noise coming from my kitchen? Oh, oven is now hot. I carefully took off the plastic and slid the pizza onto my oven rack just like they told me. I like the fact that this part didn't require use (and subsequent cleaning) of any of my kitchen supplies. 10 minutes later, I checked the pizza and it looked really good. A little brown around the edges, so I pulled it out (again without mishap), and put it back on the cardboard from whence it began, then began slicing. Jeezuz, that is one fine tasting slice! Unlike anything I've eaten. Apricot jam, wheat crust, blue cheese, chicken, sweet onions, all playing in sweet harmony. I stopped myself after inhaling about half the pizza and salad. I'm sold, addicted, already planning my next trip. As I'm now initiated to the process, I think I'll call ahead next time. I'll plan to attempt other items on the menu, but that apricot pizza will be calling my name!

  4. I really like ZAW. They use fresh ingredients, love the thin crust, and inventive toppings. I've been there 4 times now, and will definitely go again and again.

  5. Zaw?
    Went there One time.
    The Only reason I bought a pizza is Because the Pizza guy (in the back) basically SOLD the pizza to me with passion, this guy loved pizza and could spin it over his head? very cool! It was a great pizza!
    They have (had?) a great staff.
    The guy ended up being the manager of the place with his wife?! Rusty & Beverly? Very cool people. (I thought they owned it?)

    So I go into get another pizza and talk with the couple, They quit? Figures.
    Replaced by someone who had no idea how to make a pizza, then passed off to a girl with no smile or charm that took my money? I figured it woyld be the same,
    The Pizza was crap?! I will never return!!! Never.

    When asked Where I could locate the other managers, the new employee said that they moved, but added that I was the 5th person looking for them.

    Places like this need to realize that customer service is one thing, great food is another, but keeping a well groomed staff thats happy to be there is more important.
    its the old phrase “You get what you pay for” Well I'm sure the new counter girl gets minimum wage. I got minimum service.

    I later read that its owned by two Canadian gay guys that are named the same?
    I'm sure they are a cool couple too? “I'm off to Tutta Bella”

  6. Thanks for all the comments being posted. I am one of the owners of zaw – and living 5 minutes from this location, the Ballard store is of particular interest to me. We are really proud of our food and our staff, so comments and feedback we receive are important as they help us to continually get better.

    We don't usually respond in the blogs as we think it is a great open forum for customers to share thoughts among each other – but we were a bit concerned with the last comment that called out one of our staff members and we didn't want that comment to go unanswered as we have a small staff with employees from the Ballard area who are proud to be working in the Ballard area. We feel that we have built a great team in Ballard and are really pleased with how quickly they've come up to speed and are serving great food with great service. We have been receiving very positive comments about the group that we have working there and the level of customer service. About a month ago, two of our senior employees moved back to Hawaii to be closer to family and the group that has been formed in Ballard over the past month has been doing really well looking at the overall feedback we have been receiving. With that being said, we are always looking to improve, so we are happy to hear specific comments or specific feedback that can help us to get better. You can often catch me at the store, or we would certainly be happy to hear from you at feedback@zaw.com <mailto:feedback@zaw.com> where you will always get a response back from us.

    Overall, we have been really happy with the response for zaw that we have received in Ballard and want to thank all of our new customers in the area for their support since we opened a few months ago. We work hard to source local beer, wine and food grown and prepared with great care – and are committed to having our ingredients as local, fresh and organic as possible (we are in fact quite proud that we don't even have freezers). Using items such as organic flours in our crusts and other top notch ingredients that are locally sourced does cost more sometimes, but we think it is totally worth it to support those types of growers and suppliers – and worth it for the taste and quality of food for our customers. We hope you agree.

    Thanks again for the comments – and please don't hesitate to drop us a note at feedback@zaw.com <mailto:feedback@zaw.com> if you have any specific comments or suggestions to help us get better.

    Greg Scott
    zaw Food & Beverage

  7. Great find. For whatever reason, we had not visited Zaw yet although I remember reading about how good their pizza was in Seattle Metropolitan. Two weeks ago we gave them a chance and tried their pumpkin pizza from the Ballard Farmers Market – wow! Last night we ordered delivery, a pizza called My Big Fat Greek and a bottle of merlot. Couldn't believe they deliver the wine as well! Both times the pizza has been absolutely amazing. Really like the organic crust and the fact that they use local ingredients for toppings. We will definitely go back.

  8. Finally tried their pizza at the farmers market because of all the ingredients they used from farmers there. It was really outstanding and I couldn't believe how well it baked at home. I've now tried them two more times at there place on Leary. 3 times and 3 times all fantastic. Really liked their cranberry and chevre salad as well. I will be back.

  9. Bought the chicken apricot pizza at the Ballard farmers market. It sounded really good, looked really good but the taste was just okay. Loved the crust….maybe I'll try another type before I make a decision about this place.

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