New management, new look for Via Verde

My Ballard reader Robert sent us this photo today of a new sign going up in front of Via Verde, the Italian restaurant on Market St. near 17th Ave.

We called the restaurant, and they said new management recently took over the establishment with plans to make some changes. Via Verde is still rather new to the neighborhood, opening in July of last year. (Thanks Robert!)

65 comments on “New management, new look for Via Verde”

  1. I wonder, how is this restaurant going right now? I ever eat on the restaurant once just a month after they opened. And it sucks. I just thinking it's not like a restaurant but a gas station. Well, if it said they had new management, I'll give them another shot, and let see how it taste right now. Btw, why don't you help me by share your opinion about this word, kjkkjk. thanks.

  2. Hopefully it’s better under new management, if it’s new management taking it over. We had a place near us that changed it’s name something like four times in a year, but had the same management each time. Needless to say the food and ambience didn’t improve, so the whole thing was a bit of a waste of time.

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