Views from the Ballard Bridge

With the sun shining, we took a stroll across the Ballard Bridge.

And snapped some photos, like this one of Salmon Bay. Many more below…

A boat crosses underneath with Magnolia in the background.

Workers busy at LA Fitness.

The big empty lot that will soon become home to Ballard Blocks II. In the meantime, it’s home to a lake of standing water.

Bicyclists weave through the center of the bridge.

One of the eight sculptures adorning the north side of the bridge. They were reinstalled a few months ago after sustaining damage in a wind storm.

A zoom shot of Fishermen’s Terminal.

This is looking east toward Fremont.

Birds frolic in the water.

At its highest point.

LA Fitness is hard to miss heading north over the bridge.

The ride over the bridge. Some bicyclists say the low wall is dangerous, and the city is facing a lawsuit after an accident in 2007.

The home of the bridge operator.

A ship at the Terminal towers over a car parked at the dock.

By the way, we’ll be shooting photo essays like this one from time to time.

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