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  1. For the money, this place is awful. There is nothing great about the sushi, I had exceptionally poor service when there with my wife (waitstaff was on the level of somebody you see at the old Denny's), and way, way, way overpriced. Apparently the owner didn't do a good job negotiating a reasonable lease with the new Senior building

  2. I came for a late-night happy hour a couple of weeks ago and it seemed the bartender was much more focused on the cute blonde sitting at the bar versus serving the rest of the customers. The rest of the staff was extremely lackluster and the food was certainly not up to par the way it had been in the past. I've had excellent service with divine food in the past, but I guess when the owners are away, the staff just play.

  3. We've really enjoyed Moshi Moshi! The food was excellent every time and the service and atmosphere are good too. Even on busy nights we haven't had to wait too long for a table.

  4. I can't stand moshi moshi. I'm really surprised that they're stillin business. I went there the first week it opened, the service was ok, but then when we ordered dessert, the waitress became a b*tch all of the sudden(maybe the table next to us were asking her too many questions and she got frustrated?idk) Well anyway, we had ordered greentea ice cream and she said it would be ready in a couple of minutes. Well…2..5…8…15 minutes went by….30 minutes went by… Finally she shows up. But wait!! Where's the ice cream?!?! We asked her… And this b*tch says”when the kitchen is ready to make it, i'll bring it up!” My jaw dropped to the
    floor, we finally had enough of this place. We left without my ice cream. And as we walked out the door, we saw our waitress in the kitchen scooping ice cream!!

  5. My friend and I tried out Moshi2 last weekend. Our waitress was helpful and patient as we chose our drinks, but she seemed to struggle with our speed of decision making. Our nigiri pieces were plentiful, fresh and delicious – no complaints there. But we were disappointed with the rolls for 2 reasons: 1) The more expensive rolls only had 4 pieces (sophie-san and moshi-moshi), where the more common, cheaper rolls (spicy tuna) had 6. The 4-piece rolls disappointed us, as we thought we'd be getting more for the $. Felt ripped off. 2) Our rolls were noting to talk about. The spicy tuna roll wasn't flavorful and the creamy sauce on top tasted like an oyster sauce which, in our minds, cheapened it.

    Loved the cherry tree in the center of the restaurant. The atmosphere was really nice and comfortable. The wait staff was good, but kind of “I'm really an actress” attitude, and not all that warm.. . although, the guy who refilled our water and took our plates away was really smiley and nice.

    Next time I have a hankering for sushi, I'd probably go somewhere else.

  6. I'm not a sushi enthusiast. We came here for the cocktails and were not disappointed. The bartender, Erik, (who we needed to know by formal introduction after our first drinks) is astounding. His drink menu is inspiring.

    We knew we were in the right spot when we saw the bottles of Pisco and watched him squeeze about 20 limes to make his fresh lime juice.

    When I go back next, I'll be trying his spin on a Manhattan (using maple syrup and rootbeer bitters). The excitement over this drink menu makes my liver quiver!

    We also ended up ordering some small sides, blackened cod and sashimi sampler. It was all amazing.

  7. This place is awesome! We had the best happy hour here after work one night. There are food and drinks on the happy hour menu and it was super cheap! And they actually had nigiri on their happy hour menu well as a bunch of yummy rolls. Can't wait to go back! Apparently, they have a late night happy hour too!

  8. Great cocktails, mediocre sushi…

    And the wait staff are a bunch of incompetant barbie doll wanna-be's.

    But again, excellent cocktails, the best in Ballard IMO

  9. While the bartender is really nice and great with service, the actual waitresses are just awful. They gave us dirty plates, dirty looks, and were so pretentious. Our order took FOREVER, and the sushi just wasn't amazing for the price they were charging.

    I do think that the happy hour is pretty good and they have tasty gyoza, but if you want sushi, go somewhere else.

  10. Great reliable susshi and some of the best cocktails in Ballard.

  11. The large cherry tree sets the tone in this hip and tasty sushi spot. The chefs are very traditional and the menu is very inspired.

  12. My husband and I keep giving Moshi Moshi another chance, but they keep disappointing us. We have been there probably 7 or 8 times, and the service has never been great. And there is nothing special about the sushi…especially when you compare the price to other sushi in Ballard. All in all, not worth it.

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