Tents along Shilshole Ave.

Several readers have posted in the forum about these tents along Shilshole Ave. near 24th Ave., near the old Yankee Diner.

My Ballard reader Mymble contacted SPD about the tents. “Officer Haag, SPD, emailed me today to say he has contacted one of the groups using one of the large camping tents,” writes Mymble in the forum. “He has given them 48 hours to move the tents and stated he would follow up to be sure they do move.” Several readers have spotted other tents in Ballard, including a few along the new extension of the Burke-Gilman trail on the way to Golden Gardens.

7 comments on “Tents along Shilshole Ave.”

  1. I'm sure YOU have a spare room or two, or even the couch, take a few into YOUR home, provide some “HOPE” . Practice what YOU preach. Seattle and Ballard already have services, no need to set more up, too many “services” now.

  2. If every church member took 2 homeless people into their home, problem solved (?) You may want to screen them first, just a thought.

  3. I wish I had 48 hours to move my car once parking enforcement has marked the tire:)

  4. Everybody pays sales tax, buddy. Congratulations on owning property, I'm sorry it's so taxing.

  5. Here's a new slogan for Ballard:

    BALLARD – A Place For Bums…

    Transient Living- Now on Every Street!

    Campers and Tents Welcome, old Junky Car Live-ins too!

    Alcoholic fueled Violence? Just Head Under the Ballard Bridge and Join In the Beatings!

    So many more, we're doing T's next.

  6. Did anybody ever notice all the homeless people living in the bushes right inside the locks proper, and under the train trestles across the channel?

    Look in just about any dense thicket of tangled brush and you'll see evidence or prior inhabitation, if not the inhabitant themselves. Sometimes they block the entry way to their warrens with a shopping cart full of junk.

    And how about the bum caches in Wallingford, right on the post office grounds? Huge tarps in the bushes covering up bum hoards of junk , clothes, etc.

    Or heading down Southbound 99, in that massive greenbelt off on the right of Queen Anne, the place has massive tarp structures and is a shooting gallery. Made the mistake of walking down the park trail and interrupted two gentlemen shooting up what I assumed was black tar heroin, wow… never again.

    These people were there before the economy crashed, all long term bums, so I don't think we can blame the econ for a lot of this problem.

    The city is pretty tolerant of this type of activity and it's associated criminality (violence, drugs, theft, etc)

  7. “There are mental health facilities all over downtown”

    Yes and you should use them. You sound like you are paranoid schizophrenic

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