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  1. This place is great. Walked there during the snowstorm and enjoyed a great lunch and some tasty beer!

  2. The menu link on their website goes to a zipfile that has a PDF in it. What is this, old BBS days? Where the FILE_ID.DIZ yo.

  3. Food was very tasty and service good, if a tad slow on the food delivery. $10 for a regular sandwich and $2 extra to substitute fruit (or anything) for chips is high, even for Seattle. I might go back to try the salads, and the pickles were great, but we'll see.

  4. Friendly, fast service. The brownies are amazing! I love that they bring you a jar of pickles with your food. Love that they're furry kid friendly. ;)

  5. Their cobb salad is my new favorite thing there. Also, make sure to try the brownies. Ask for one warmed up.

  6. We LOVE Kiss Cafe! The owner, Brenda is one of the friendliest kids on the block! :) Always a great crowd of regulars, and their dogs. Plenty of laughs, hugs, and pints to go around. :)

    I suggest trying the Tex Mex melt.

  7. All there soups are handmade…no really, handmade, and there great! The veggie sandwich with goat cheese aioli is my favorite. A small, down to earth place to watch the game, have a great sandwich and cold beer.

  8. Oh yes, the pickles! Who knew pickles and beer went so well together…

  9. This place is over priced for what it is. The service is inconsistent. One of the servers who says she's an owner is rude and annoying. Not terrible, just much better places out there.

  10. nice place for lunch.. very cool that its dog friendly. wish they had better beer choice.

  11. I love Kiss Cafe!!! My favorite is the Thanksgiving Hangover, I absolutely love it and get it every time I visit. It’s such a comfortable spot and I love that I can bring my daughter with me. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is super friendly!

  12. The jambalaya is a delightful kick in the pants! I love the jars of pickles and they have a great ever changing beer selection. Plus its dog friendly…thumbs up!

  13. How can you be a dog friendly restaurant?   I don’t think dogs in a restaurant is allowed by the health department.

  14. The spinach salad is a work of art. I have never had anything on the menu that wasn’t excellent. I only wish I drank beer.

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