Crown Hill QFC to close

The Crown Hill QFC on 15th Ave. near 85th St. is closing at the end of its lease.

QFC spokeswoman Kristin Maas tells us the lease is up the end of August, but they’re working to extend it for a few months.

The extension would keep a QFC in Ballard until the new 42,000 square-foot store at “Ballard on the Park” on 24th Ave. opens this fall. And for neighbors to the north, the QFC on Holman Road will remain open. Maas says that employees at the Crown Hill store will have the option to move to the new store if they’re interested, or possibly to another store closer to where they live.

52 comments on “Crown Hill QFC to close”

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  2. “They're local, they're not part of some huge mega-corporation. “

    You're a moron!

    QFC are Kroger. Kroger is the second largest grocer in country after Wal-Mart!! Kroger are a publicly traded company. You don't think a company with 320,000 employees isn't a “huge mega-corporation”?? Wow, you really are stupid!!

    They are no longer a local company and QFC is nothing more than a name these days. They're now run out of Cincinnati and it's the people in Ohio who call the shots. I've talked to these people so I do know what I'm talking about.

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