Get ready for the Whittier Rummage Sale

The Whittier Rummage Sale is scheduled for next Saturday, June 6th, to raise money for the elementary school. And they need your help.

(We didn’t take the photo, but we couldn’t resist posting it!) Here’s the info:

Whether you’re an avid garage-sale shopper on the lookout for great deals or someone interested in selling your wares to a whole new market, the Whittier Rummage Sale is the place to be. Whittier Elementary is hosting a community rummage sale on Saturday, June 6th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the school (1320 NW 75th St).

Aside from attending the Rummage Sale, Whittier Elementary welcomes neighborhood participation in the event. There are a few ways the community can get involved. If you have items in good condition that you would like to get rid of but you’re not interested in staffing your own sale, you can donate them to Whittier Elementary and they will be sold at the Whittier Wildcat store at the event. Items should be between $5-$100 in value and should be in good condition with no stains, tears, or items with missing or broken pieces. All proceeds from sales will go to Whittier Elementary. To donate items, please contact For a minimum $20 donation to Whittier Elementary, you can reserve your own space at the sale to sell your own items to the hundreds of people attending this event. Contact Jim Forsher if you’re interested in reserving a space at the sale.

5 comments on “Get ready for the Whittier Rummage Sale”

  1. What a clever way to run a school rummage sale! I'm already looking forward to it!

  2. My son goes to Whittier and we have reserved a table. Hopefully we'll be able to declutter and make some money for our summer trip to Grandma's, all while supporting the school. It is a great fund raising idea!

  3. Oh, very cute. Two of the best ways to sell anything: kids and animals. Okay, okay, I'll be there. Darn those cute kids. ;-)

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