A rooster appears at Bergen Place Park

A strange site in downtown Ballard today.

This cardboard rooster built around two bicycles is sitting at Bergen Place. We called the number written on the side of the rooster, but no answer.

Update: It appears this was part of Rubber Easter over the weekend. Blackbird shot photos of some other cardboard creations and posted it here.

16 comments on “A rooster appears at Bergen Place Park”

  1. There were a bunch of them (6 or so?) at Ross Playfield (located up the hill from Hales) on Saturday. My fave was the one that looked like giant Lego pieces. I also enjoyed the Rolleroid Camera…

  2. there was a cool “helicopter” parked in front of a house at 62nd & 7th Ave NW yesterday.

  3. There were some other bicycle contraptions along 20th between Leary and Market this morning.

    Wow, I saw last year's Rubber Easter cars but didn't know anything about them. Thanks for the link!

  4. Our neighbor on Dibble made this one. It's hilarious to see 2 people biking around in it, and it was fun to watch them make.

  5. I hate it when people make art and leave it. This is the last thing I want to see when I look at out of my condominium. I wish they would remove that park and replace it with a mini costco or Wal*Mart express

  6. Oh yeah! I bet that park space would be better served as a starbucks or yet another condo!

  7. The creators apparently removed their creations early this evening. I'm glad they left them long enough for folks to see the creations.

  8. har. dee. har. har.
    I cannot stop laughing at your comical satire.

    Try to figure out if I'm being serious or not.

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