Ballard bank robbed, suspect at large

The Chase bank at 5511 22nd Ave NW was robbed this morning at 9:30 a.m. Seattle Police spokesman Mark Jamieson tells us that a man walked into the bank then left through the front doors with an unknown amount of cash. The suspect is described as a white male in his 30’s, about 5’8″ with a slender build and short hair. He was wearing sunglasses and a grey and white striped shirt. He may have gotten into a green van although police don’t know which way he went. Detectives with the Violent Crimes Task Force is investigating the robbery. Yesterday, the Bank of America in Greenwood was robbed by a man in his 20s wearing jeans and a green-checkered dress shirt, with brown hair gelled and combed back.

25 comments on “Ballard bank robbed, suspect at large”

  1. Hey Chase bank, welcome to Ballard…probably just behind on his mortgage and couldn't handle dealing with customer service anymore…

  2. I usually see a cop car, or two, parked by the library. This guy was lucky not to get nabbed the second he left the bank. His luck will run out, though.

  3. The cops have a station or something right across the street and are ALWAYS there. Good grief. My gym is right next to there and I always feel safe. Welcome to Ballard, Chase!

  4. I saw the police rocketing down Market awhile ago. Now I know why.
    I certainly wish that they had been closer, one less thug would be out there.

  5. While I don't support robbing banks, it couldn't have happened to two better banks. Was it Robbin Hood?

  6. Don't tell me that bank robbers will become heroes again. Pathetic.
    You folks don't understand the cost, really, do ya?

  7. Love the movie quotes. I didn't catch it, but love it that someone else did…and now I remember…

    Hey Chopper, UncleSnuffy said he (assume a “he” as the name is “uncle”) doesn't support robbing banks…maybe lighten up a little. And, please believe me, I say that with respect to you–I love your posts. This is NOT an attack on you AT all!

    Just sayin'

  8. Fair enough, just worried about the slippery slope manifest in popular culture with regard to 'steal from the rich'. It's disgusting.
    (I'd jump at the chance to be political here…)
    Ya know, I'd like to be rich, so would most folks.
    Doesn't mean you're evil, doesn't mean you should be ripped off.
    Robin Hood, can't fairly say. Bonnie and Clyde, I can say, evil.
    Chase, they should burn, along with their bailout architects…

  9. If I'm not mistaken, banks that are FDIC insured are also covered by the government for robberies. Other than scaring the s*** out of the bank employees, I don't think that it actually hurts the banks.

  10. It's the scared-out-of-their-freaking-minds employees that I really feel sorry for. OMG, it must be absolutely mind blowingly horrible.

  11. Seriously? That's what you're going with?
    And regarding Robin Hood, as much as we need one I don't think this guy qualifies.

  12. We don't need a robbin' hoody ;-)
    Perhaps a 'hold the elite accountable' guy…yeah, that we could use.

  13. I heard these were both viral marketing stunts for that new Johnny Depp movie.

  14. yes, there is that super duper cute girl with the piercing. ;-)
    i hope she didn't have to deal with that guy.

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