Wednesday’s high temp could hit 101

The last thing you want to hear is that it’s getting even hotter. And even hotter than the forecasters predicted. The new consensus for Wednesday’s high is a record-breaking 101 degrees. And for Thursday, 100 degrees. (To remind you of your misery, we added the current temperature to the top of the site.)

As you might imagine, Golden Gardens is a popular place to cool off. We stopped by the popular beach to snap some photos of people in the water…

And on the water. As always, please be careful.

The spray garden at Ballard Commons Park is another popular place. Many kids (and adults) were getting some relief from the heat running through the water.

Have some hot weather photos? Please send them to…

51 comments on “Wednesday’s high temp could hit 101”

  1. That's it. Tomorrow is a Utilikilt day. With plenty of Gold Bond powder down below.

  2. If Nickles wanted to be popular for a day…
    “Seattle is officially clothing optional”
    That's about it ;-)

  3. Er…chopper 74, frequently the people one MIGHT be interested in seeing in the buff are modest as Mennonites, and people you would pay good money to never see undressed will drop trou at…well, at the drop of a hat.

    On the subject of heat; my car's AC died several years ago and cannot be fixed…I can remember one hot summer day that I actually drove it with OVEN MITTS ON until the open windows finally cooled it down. Don't laugh…I know you are laughing at me. Why do you think that in the Old Days before A/C, when all steering wheels were metal, people used to own an esoteric item known as “driving gloves”?

  4. My A/C went out last month, and I haven't looked into getting it fixed…it hadn't occured to me that I might run into “cannot be fixed”. Yikes. Good thing I don't drive much…

  5. I have a 1994 car. Apparently they cannot fix the A/C…rats! Well, at least the heat works.

  6. actually, I heard on KUOW today that tomatoes weren't doing too well because of the excessive heat. something about the plants aborting the flowers above a certain temperature. you might want to check out the podcast (weekday-10am)

  7. now you need to do it the old fashioned way–with ice cube trays!
    how primitive of you!!

    I jest of course. I never hooked up the ice maker on my fridge since I figured it was one more thing to break. thanks for proving me right!

  8. Oh yes, we use trays for ice cubes we actually consume (in our drinks)

    The ice maker in the old frig in this rental unit made stinky cubes that tasted bad. We only used the ice maker cubes for injuries and to keep cool in hot weather. WAAAAH, I miss all the stinky cubes now. Oh, well, at least a big bag of ice at the Shell station is only $2 !

  9. Mine's 1995, so maybe it's one year more fixable? I haven't checked to see if the heat works. Right now, I don't even want to know!

  10. I recommend also wet washcloths in the freezer. They've kept me sane. Well, sane-ish.

  11. I was listening to that broadcast too!

    We've already got some fruit set on ours, so hopefully this will make for fine, ripe tomatoes for us.

    If it wasn't so damn hot, I'd be out picking blackberries this week. They look great!

  12. And to think that I refused to go to Burning Man because of the heat!

    Great. So now Burning Man has come to me.

  13. Well , I stepped out onto our cement patio this morning and burnt the bottom of my foot and now I am soaking them in ice water. Ahhhhhh!

  14. Why yes, yes I do. Fortunately I am also second in command of the whole operation and can get away with futile gestures like this, which I believe set a good example for the rest of the group.

  15. Hey Roy – was that you and your girl that I passed at Seafood fest? The man was wearing a black Utilikilt, as was I. We smiled as we passed each other and I said “Nice skirt.”

    One of my favorite commercials of all time is this utilikilt ad. ;-)

    Rock the kilt!

  16. How about an article listing Pubs in the area that have Air Conditioning?


  17. If you look in the Forum I believe there is already a thread about businesses with A/C, including bars. :)

  18. My tomatos and bluberries are doing great! I just wished I planted hot peppers this year. Looks like I missed out on Seattle's one chance for screaming hot jalapenos.

  19. If you alternate with water they mix just fine. Gotta be careful, though, I agree. Booze dehydrates the body like nothing else and could be a dangerous addition.

  20. Nonsense! Take a gander:

    Mint Julep
    Long Island Iced Tea
    Corona or most any other near-clear beer

    Me, I think tonight I'll go with a simple gin & tonic–with high quality gin from a bottle stored in the freezer.

  21. I love men in kilts! They are adorable! I think the Utilikilt is the best idea since sliced bread Old joke :”What is worn under that kilt?” Answer:” Northing is worn, madam, everything is in perfect working order.” I went to a wedding recently where the groom and all of the groomsmen were in kilts; they all looked unbelievably handsome.

    BTW ladies, it is much cooler by orders of magnitude to wear a dress in this hot weather than pants. Trust me on this one.

  22. Actually, your 1995 car might be OK. I think my AC ran on freon, which is at this writing worth more than gold. I actually obtained some freon from a friend – long story- engineering firm- so I am going to see if somehow it is possible to fix the AC. It is not worth putting in a new AC system into my aging clunker.

    Funny story about a heater- I once had a 1963 Dodge Valient with push-button shifting, and the heater broke. Well, the heater is really a small radiator. I couldn't turn it off, but it was wafting huge clouds of luke-warm steam, so I ended up driving this clunker to work in a snowstorm in an old fur coat fo my mom's, all 4 windows open, streaming coulds of steam. It looked like the car was on fire. People kept honking at me AS IF I HADN'T NOTICED.

  23. I am going Golfing, then to the sprinklers at Ballard Commons. I will be the one in the red speedo with the wicked farmer tan.

    As for utilikilts, I see construction and blue color guys wearing them too on hot days.

    Ahhh, feels like home. Without the uncomfortable humidity.

  24. Speedos= Just Say No. I feel that unless you can produce a signed certificate from your current Olympic team swinning, diving or water-polo coach, you should not be allowed to wear one in public. No exceptions.

  25. lol, hey the horn was designed to help!
    Man if I were car czar, I'd ban those friggen horns…

  26. That's where I'm at…how much am I willing to spend on this old car? Especially since the transmission is going out, too. Again.

    But I don't drive enough to *replace* the car, either!

  27. My zucchini is the only thing doing well, and boy, is it doing well!! I've had zucchini for dinner three nights in a row now. That took care of ONE of them…

  28. Meh. Guys should be able to wear Speedos if they want. I've seen worse things on a beach.

  29. OK, how many popsicles and cartons of ice cream do I have to eat before I feel cool. Burp!

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