Ballard hotspots get named ‘Best of Seattle’

Kudos to the winners of Seattle Weekly’s “Best of Seattle.” The list just came out today and Ballard is named a dozen times.

  • Best Replacement for Your Second Car – Dutch Bike Co.
  • Best Something-in-a-Box for Your Lady – Ballard Blossom
  • Best Bedside Manner – Dr. Stephen Dudley
  • Best Tourist Attraction to Satisfy Your Dad – Hiram M. Chittenden Locks
  • Best Place to Psych Yourself Up for a Job Interview – Stone Gardens
  • Best Spam Conversion Mechanism – Marination Mobile
  • Best Place to Get Wasted and Play Ping-Pong – The Bit Saloon
  • Best Farmers Market Booth to Put Down Stakes – Anita’s Crepes
  • Best 2 a.m. Hangover Prevention Snack – Dick’s Drive-In
  • Best Place to Splurge on Your Pet – Mud Bay
  • Best Outdoor Dining – Ray’s
  • Best Brunch After a First Date – Portage Bay Cafe
  • You can see all the winners right here.

    12 comments on “Ballard hotspots get named ‘Best of Seattle’”

    1. Forgot a few from the Editors list as well:

      BEST MEXICAN: Señor Moose Cafe
      BEST PIZZA: Veraci Pizza
      BEST TAPAS: Ocho

    2. Congrats to as well for the 2nd place (you were robbed!):

      “Best Neighborhood Blog: They'll be all up in a budget meeting or design review one minute, then reporting on shop cats and graffiti-tagged mailboxes the next. Be you NIMBY or YIMBY, so long as your BY is West Seattle, the West Seattle Blog has you covered. ( comes in a close second.)”

    3. After scooping the big papers again and again MyBallard only gets second place? Why, I'm outraged!
      That's okay, I stopped taking that poll seriously after Pagliacci kept winning best pizza.

    4. “Best Place to Get Wasted and Play Ping-Pong”
      Isn't that a Stranger type of designation?
      Shameful, and The Bit deserves better, frankly.
      I expect The Weekly to be above that crap. Hear me?
      Also, we know the Swedes are the winners. I'd guess they have a loftier goal coming, and most deserved.

    5. The West Seattle blog has been around longer, that's all.

      Next year we'll clean their clock!

      (There's a phrase for you!)

    6. BSIMBY indeed. Good one, Black_Sheep. (And Veraci rocks, even before they stopped rolling and hung up a permanent shingle.)

    7. Pagliacci pizza Ballard on 85th pretty good. Love portage bay cafe. Le gourmand best fine dining and sambar bar beat for high quality hand crafted cocktails.

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