Share your bounty with those in need

Tis the season to pick the fruits of your labor and if you’ve got more fruit than you know what to do with, why not donate it? Solid Ground’s Fruit Tree Harvest is underway and they’re looking for fruit tree owners who have more fruit than they need, as well as volunteers to pick fruit and deliver it to Seattle food banks, meal programs, and community organizations. So far more than 90 pounds of plums have been donated to the Ballard Food Bank. To volunteer or donate fruit contact Sadie at 206-694-6751 or

4 comments on “Share your bounty with those in need”

  1. This is great, last year I forgot about the plum tree in my yard and they all went to waste. I'll try donating this year.

  2. We may have hundreds of pears to donate if our kitchen remodel gets underway in the next few weeks. We ususally are busy canning in late September. Pears can be difficult since they do not ripen on the tree. We generally pick them and wrap each one in newspaper, then put them in the basement to ripen. Not sure what approach we'll take this year.

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