Teen charged as adult in Ballard murder

The teenager accused of killing Manish Melwani on Sunday at the Pit Stop is being charged as an adult, according to the Seattle Times.

The Times says 17-year-old Elijah Hall is now facing first degree murder charges. Charging papers say that Hall was seen at the scene where the suspect’s clothes were found Sunday evening and he talked with detectives. Hall gave them his address and told them that he had heard two gunshots that morning. On Monday, the state crime lab matched fingerprints found inside the convenience store to Hall. The teen was arrested later that day.

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  1. spg-thanks dude, I have been fighting the urge to write something snarky referring to the watery aspects of some posts.

    I hope the…assailants in the Tuba Man murder can turn themselves around. Hard to not over react with the latest murder after what they got away with.

  2. ok, I stand corrected.
    deluded, not diluted.
    Thanks for the teachable moment.

  3. Wow, this website can be rather disgusting.

    A 17 year old kid comes in here to offer a different perspective on things and all most of you do is call him a moron and correct his spelling.

    And while I don't agree with a lot of what he said, he behaved far more maturely than the majority of you “adults.”

    Once again, most of you are calling this kid names, like “dummy” and “moron” and a lot of you have kids of your own. It's pathetic. Would you do this in real life? I think not.

  4. How old are you? Does it make you feel intelligent and “well educated” to be making fun and insulting a 17 year old kid?

    Do you have children?
    If you do, would they like this side of you?
    Would you be saying these things if anonymity wasn't on your side?

  5. 39 and I have two children, thank you very much. Sorry but this kid needs to pay more attention in school – my 8 year old can write better than terry206. Like I said, he needs to learn how to spell and read through The Elements of Style.

  6. My sarcasm detector is out of batteries, so I have to take that as genuine.
    I make this same kind of homonym mistake too, as we all do, amongst my more egregious grammatical errors, like overuse of commas, but I'd prefer to be corrected once rather than repeatedly embarrassed. Feel free to call me out on my spelling or grammar too, I won't take offense.

  7. 39 years old and you still feel the need to make fun of him, anonymously, on the internet?

    What a role model!

    I'm in my mid-twenties, and I must say, my version of what an adult was supposed to be, what I thought they were when I was younger has been tainted – not necessarily by you, but by society as a whole. I think it's more of a concept than a reality.

    I feel the need to pull out this quote, “Nothing has done more to make us dumber or meaner than the anonymity of the Internet.”

    – Aaron Sorkin

  8. Let's put aside the subject of whether or not the murder was intentional for a moment. You came here wanting to give your point of view. Fair enough. Problem is you did so with the articulation of a dumb street thug. It's hard to take you seriously when you come across that way.

    If you admit that “totally my english is bad” how well do you think you'll fare in any respectable journalism program?? University profs are much more demanding than high school teachers. Assuming you graduate you will then face incredibly stiff competition for a job. Universities graduate far, FAR more journalism majors than there are actual journalism jobs. I know because over the years I've hired dozens of writers including journalists who written for the NY Times and The Economist. If you want to get a glimpse of what you're in for get hold of a copy of the NY Times copy editing test. If you score anything less than a 95% you need to seriously hunker down and study.

    People who excel at any given field always have one trait in common: they always have their A-game on. Doesn't matter if they're a journalist or a wood carver. If you truly want to be a journalist you need to treat everything you write as if it were the SAT! Having an attitude of “Its a random forum, not the SATs” is only going to drag you down. Doesn't matter if it's just a school essay or just a text message. Trust me, the people who REALLY want to be journalists – the sort of people who apply for James Reston Fellowships with the Times – treat every word they write with equal care.

    I'd like to see you succeed if for no other reason than your failing will mean yet one more wasted life and yet another person scraping by, content with their mediocrity. We have way to many mediocre people in this country as it is.

  9. Excellent advice! When I worked for a publisher I got an email asking “if you have ne internships.”

    It took me a bit to figure out what NE meant….I mean, is it so hard to type “any”? Are you being charged by the letter?

    Sadly, I had to refuse this offer, strictly based on that one missive.

  10. I was actually driving up to the Mountain gravel pit to shoot and sight in my AR-15s. I had just built a Mk12 SPR clone with help from Compass Lake Engineering and Rainier Arms the day before. 6:30 AM going up Market, I saw three cop cars tearing down at 60 miles an hour.

    I'm glad Elijah Hall will be charged as an adult and I hope he stays locked up for life or fries. I was broke and stupid when I was 17. I didn't acquire weapons illegally and rob people. I certainly didn't murder anyone either. The excuses people are coming up for his anti-social behavior is a perfect example of the dangers of morale subjectivity. There is right and wrong, and their are consequences for actions. I don't give a shit if you're 30 or 15. You do wrong, you pay the price.

    And what the hell is this apologist bullshit. peace and love, stop the hatin, lets help victims of gun violence etc. etc. Are you fucking HIGH? Maybe you haven't been to the UK recently, but guns are banned, and guess what: delinquent teens are still shooting/killing people for stupid reasons, and robberies with knives take place all the time too.

    Way to completely forget the use of logic and blame the illegally acquired firearm. I wouldn't have hesitated to ventilate Elijah Hall had I been gassing up my car at that very gas station i frequent. And to think Seattle tried to curb CCW rights last year. Imbeciles. If I had taken 15th that morning instead of 8th…

    PS: Insights Training, Firearms Academy of Seattle, LMS Defense, *pounds chest, kisses fist, pops a peace sign*

  11. Terry: No joke, had I been there I would not have hesitated to pull my carry piece and kill your friend. And I would've slept like a baby after the police interview etc.

    When you rob, you've made a choice. There are consquences. “he didn't mean it” etc. etc. What the hell does that even mean? I will kick you in the nuts and just say that i didn't mean it too =)

    I hope you keep hating Ballard. Know that there are sheep dogs here.

  12. The door is now officially opened.

    To, two, and too.
    to -used for motion and direction. I'm going to the store.
    two -Number between 1 and 3. I have two dollars.
    too -In addition, to an extreme degree. I make mistakes too.

  13. “dangers of morale subjectivity”

    morale -emotional or mental condition with respect to cheerfulness, confidence, zeal

    moral -of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical.

  14. silence.kit

    I'm not an angry or violent person at all, but I do own about $20,000 in high end weapons. My MK-12 SPR alone will cost $5K after factoring optics and other “accessories” for a complete Crane replica. What can I say, i grew up in family proficient with weapons. The ATF has its fair share of tax revenue from me.

    Like usual, your kind automatically assumes that physical items drive human behavior, and once again delivers people from responsibility. Funny, and downright hilarious for a camp that tries so hard to drive marijuana legalization. Guns make people turn into violent killers, weed does nothing to affect human behavior. Don't see anyone baking brownies with gun powder though.

    As much as I like peace and love, I know enough through my second major (history) to know that there will always. always be evil and sick people in the world. While there are those who are unjustly treated by the criminal justice system, things don't get any more clear with Elijah Hall.

    SPG: 'Twas a typo. I noted it, but there is no edit button this forum software. Oh well.

  15. are you talking to me? am i high? are you coked up right now ? because you're certainly aggro like you are.

    please read every one of my posts and point out to me where i'm apologizing for Elijah Hall. In fact, i believe I stated somewhere that I was not apologizing for him.

    To quote you, “way to completely forget the use of logic…”

  16. I actually kind of understood where you were coming from with your first rant. Then this:

    “Like usual, your kind automatically assumes that physical items drive human behavior, and once again delivers people from responsibility. Funny, and downright hilarious for a camp that tries so hard to drive marijuana legalization. Guns make people turn into violent killers, weed does nothing to affect human behavior. Don't see anyone baking brownies with gun powder though.”

    Oh dear god. I guess “Peace and love, stop hatin” is something you can expect from someone who just finished a joint, but what you just stated comes from the guy that drank the bong water. Take it easy turbo!

  17. “You sound like a angry, violent person. Good to know you have a weapon.”
    This made me laugh.

  18. No, but I like that. Apropos for this thread.
    I was still riffing on the earlier attacks of Terry206's grammar by posts full of grammatical errors. Like mine.

  19. I will! Plus I'll bring the rope. You gotta figure it'll be a quick trial.

  20. That doesn't make any sense. Look at your post. You outright state that you never used to go there, not only that, but you avoided the store. Now, since you feel the need to try and be a fucking saint, you actually have the nerve to say donations are being accepted by his family.

    I think you're a fraud.

  21. I have a store, or two, that I frequent. I did avoid that store for two reasons. This man that was killed wasn't either of those reasons.
    I feel for his family, that doesn't make me a saint. Mentioning, again, that donations are being accepted for his family doesn't either.
    You must see the boogy-man too often.
    Let me guess, he must look like a saint.

  22. Letting us know that donations are being accepted is….bad? I'm confused.

  23. @ Black_Sheep.

    No, it's not bad. I just find it annoying that Chopper always has to play the “saint.”

    @ Chopper.

    “Let me guess, he must look like a saint.”

    So much of what you say makes no sense.

  24. How does what I said sound ignorant? Where could you derive ignorance from my post?

    Keep in mind, I only said, “You sound like a angry, violent person. Good to know you have a weapon.”

    So please don't make things up.

  25. “You sound like a(n) angry, violent person.”,
    (n) not-withstanding, you do sound ignorant.
    “PS: Insights Training, Firearms Academy of Seattle, LMS Defense, *pounds chest, kisses fist, pops a peace sign*”
    Yeah, the one guy in town to fear…
    BOO! Did that scare ya? ;-)

  26. LOL.

    Monthly IDPA matches at Renton place scenarios in T-Town and Belltown frequently. I don't think there's been a single scenario placed in Ballard yet. Maybe I should talk to the match director about that ;)

  27. ah com'on, you can't be humble if you have an opinion ;-)…unless it differs…
    THEN, you have no opinion…

  28. Thank you for not answering my question and spewing more tripe.

    Even your attempt at poking fun at my typo didn't make any sense.

  29. I simply wanted you to answer my question. How did my comment make me sound ignorant?

    You made the accusation, now I'm asking you to back it up.

    Is that so difficult? Or will you, yet again, say “I agree” because you aren't capable of doing so?

  30. This will be my last reply,
    not that you'll care.
    Assuming that it's a bad thing to arm, and defend yourself makes you sound ignorant.
    Assuming that anyone who does do such, and takes the choice seriously, doesn't make one angry or violent.
    Of course, you'll find that doesn't satisfy your question. Sorry.

  31. You're correct. It doesn't satisfy my question because you took my post, that was directed at an individual, and generalized it to cover anyone that carries a gun.

    So, once again, you made shit up.

    You seriously need to learn reading comprehension.

  32. silence.kit: I still don't understand why you think i'm an angry/violent person.

    Don't be mad that chopper called you out: let's analyze this.

    Conclusion: I'm an angry/violent person
    Evidence: I own firearms
    Assumption: Everyone with a firearms is angry/violent.

    Great assumption, except Ballard is crawling with closeted weapons aficionados. There are more open republicans than there are open gun geeks in this part of town.

  33. Sorry, one more.
    G. you aren't the enemy.
    I know, many folks would assume you are.
    Sorry for that.
    Yes, many are armed.
    Many more are more conservative than they would ever admit.
    Silence isn't either one of those.
    I don't like the red/blue crap. The first rule of control is to divide.
    Too many play along with that game.
    Get a clue, your neighbor isn't your enemy.

  34. This is an old thread, so I'll probably not come back to it, but for the record…

    G.Freeman does come off a little creepy to anyone who isn't into gun porn. That same little riff with all the details about how you're going off to sight your weapons may be very interesting and normal to other gun afficionados, but to the other 99% of the readers it comes off as a weird mix of bragging and threatening, as though you're so into your guns that you can't wait to find yourself in a hero scenario so you can shoot up a 'bad guy'. Name dropping the guns and places makes it sound like an obsessive who can't socialize and know when it's appropriate to talk guns and when it's not. Think Walter Sobchak and ad nauseum references to 'Nam.
    Not only that but you did drop three different curse words in there as well.
    I don't think G.Freeman (telling pseudonym btw) is a nut/violent/especially angry person (a bit too into guns) but the post was written from a standpoint of intimidation so you shouldn't be surprised that other people would point it out.

  35. “Conclusion: I'm an angry/violent person
    Evidence: I own firearms
    Assumption: Everyone with a firearms is angry/violent.”

    It was the wording of your post. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you aren't an angry person, but you wouldn't know it from the post I based my comment on.

    And your assumption is way off. All this from two sentences. It's hyperbole.

    Nice post, SPG.

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