‘Night out’ registration extended

The registration period for the “Night Out Against Crime” has been extended.

You now have until 9 a.m. Monday to register your block for Tuesday’s event. We’ve received emails from a few people who are wondering where the gatherings will be. If your block is hosting a Night Out party, post details in comments below.

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  1. The 7300 – 7500 block of 9th Ave NW will be having a block party 8/4 starting at 6 PM. You bring something to grill and a dish to share (side, salad, dessert) . We'll provide the grill and other supplies. Join us and get to know your wonderful 9th Ave neighbors!

  2. NW 68th and 28th Ave NW @ NW 68th between 28th NW & 30th NW.

    All neighbors welcome as well as surrounding neighbors. Potluck dinner at 6:ooish.
    Bring something or just stop by!

  3. Anything closer to 15th NW? I would love to participate in something like this but I'd blow out the flip flops getting to 28th. :-)

  4. norabell, sign up your block & pass out flyers to your neighbors! You don't need to host it in your house because you can have it in a driveway or on the sidewalk. All you need is a cooler for the drinks and a table for the potluck. Most blocks just need someone to start the process.

  5. We are having a block party for 12th Avenue neighbors between 70th and 73rd. We are providing a grill. Bring your own beverages and grill items and a dish to share (side, salad, dessert…). We are setting up tables and grill at 6pm and the street will be closed off so kids can roam free.

  6. Thanks, Blite! I might give it a shot. My neighbors don't seem to be event people but they might be open for this if I sell it well. I've got both the cooler and the folding table.

  7. Who is that cute guy with the white shirt and blue collar on the bike trailer…..mmmmmm??

    Slow Down….You're in Ballard!

  8. The East Ballard Community Association has been encouraging blocks in our neighborhood to sign up and become eligible for a raffle with prizes from East Ballard businesses. So far, the following blocks are participating:

    – The picnic tables and lawn on the south side of Ballard High School for those living on NW 65th, since you can't close down 65th cause it's an arterial
    – 14th Ave NW at NW 61st St
    – NW 63rd between 14th and 15th Ave NW
    – NW 60th between 14th and 11th Ave NW
    – NW 60th between 8th and 9th Ave NW
    – 11th Ave NW between NW 60th and 61st St

    There's still time to sign up with EBCA to participate. Check out our website at http://eastballard.wordpress.com/ for details or email me at eastballard@gmail.com

  9. Is there anything south of Market ? Anyone within walking distance of Gilman Park want to meet up there on Tuesday the 4th around 6PM ?

  10. Actually, it looks like there's one on 61st and 14th. I think I'll just pop on over to that one. Very close to where I'm at. Hope to see maybe you and other fabulous neighbors there.
    Hmm…now where did I put that fruit salad recipe?

  11. Um, how about a nice Gardenburger?
    Cheer up, I'm sure somebody will bring steaks.

  12. Jones Ave between 75th and 77th is having a potluck BBQ street party between 6 and 9. If you live on the street you should have got an invite in your mailbox. If you're nearby, feel free to drop on by.

  13. We'll wave at you from the 7500-7700 block, hoolia! (Maybe our streets can have a mixer on the traffic circle.)

  14. We are looking forward to Night Out on Tuesday for our block party between 80th and 77th St. and Earl Ave. Bring something to eat or drink and get to know your neighbors. New neighbors are most welcome!

  15. 22nd Ave NW between 77th St and 80th St @ 6pm on Tuesday! I am bringing 24 hot dog buns and 28 hot dogs (they never match up!)

  16. Couldn't reply to ya for some reason, Black_Sheep. Yup, I'm a veggie too, but not a healthy one (a discomfort with tomatoes doesn't have me eating a lot of salads). ;-)

  17. I can't eat tomatoes, either! Funny, because I had to learn to love them when I went veggie, and then they turned on me. Then I had to learn NOT to love them.

  18. The texture has always bothered me, ever since I was a kid. And why must all green salads have them? Oh, well. I can't cook, either. An added challenge. Thankfully most bar menus have meatless options these days.
    But I do make a mean fruit salad.

  19. Is there a complete official list? So far nobody has listed anything near NW 69th and 32nd. Seems that everything is by 15th.

  20. I just ask for them to be left off. Or try to pass them off on my hubby, but he's no tomato fan…

    We don't eat out much, so it's easier for us to tweak things. My husband is a pretty good cook, so that helps, but we did go through a stage at the beginning where we were doing more bread and cheese (so healthy!) than vegetables. We're on to those veggies and what they can do these days, though. :)

  21. I always forget to ask for no tomatoes. Only one of my Happy Hour Buds will eat the tomatoes for me (an ex-veggie who fell off the wagon) so they usually end up wasted.
    Do you or anyone else happen to know if these block parties are all standard potluck rules (One side/dessert and byob)?

  22. Can't very well close down 85th (too bad!!), so we're having a gathering at 2624 NW 85th for the folks who live near 85th/86th and 26th/28th. If you live in the area, feel free to drop by around 6 or 7.

  23. 11th Ave NW between 70th & 73rd: bring your families and a side or dessert to share — we'll have food on the grill, drinks, etc. Bring your own chairs, or other food you'd like to share. We'll be congregating at the north end of the block.

  24. I'm afraid I have no idea, but I don't think you can go wrong with that rule!

  25. CrownHill! Mary Ave NW between NE 92nd Street and NW 95th Street. Potluck and BBQ, we'll have some grills going if you want to bring some stuff.

  26. I heard back and we CAN use Gilman Park for a Night Out Party/Gathering.

    It's about 4 blocks from 15th and Market…..if you or anyone is interested .

  27. I heard back and we CAN use Gilman Park for a Night Out Party/Gathering.

    One block south of Market, between 9th & 10/11th ?

    It's about 4 blocks from 15th and Market…..if anyone is interested .

  28. That might be doable. We are at 17th and Market. We just need something close-ish since we have a babe in a stroller!

    Let me know if folks will be there and we will bring some goodies! I just made a huge batch of cucumber dill salad that will be even yummier tomorrow!


  29. Here are some additional East Ballard block party sites:

    – 5th Ave NW between NW 58th and 60th
    – 9th Ave NW between NW 59th and 60th
    – NW 56th Street between 8th and 9th Ave NW – They also invite the folks on north-side of NW Market between 8th & 9th as well (also some folks along 9th between Market & 56th)

  30. So far it' s just your family and my family that are interested. I'll let you know for sure tomorrow if we plan to go to the park.

  31. I am pretty sure we can make Gilman Park, but I must say that there seems to be little interest in having a block watch party in an area where we REALLY need it, in the neighborhood streets behind Market an near the library! Think the City would be opposed if we had a block watch party by the fountains? THAT is the area we need to make our presence KNOWN. The other areas are great, but I know a handful of us live right off Market, and as of late, that is where the crime is.

  32. Agreed. And it has been for some time. There have been a good deal of emphasis patrols in the area. The folks at 7-11 have been very responsive with that area's issues.
    The building behind them, and the alley between Market and 56th is still a challenge. If the emphasis and awareness doesn't continue, it will revert to the cesspool it was.
    I certainly wish I could run or attend a meet in this area, however, my job conflicts with those options.
    I'll be looking forward to the after-meet discourse, hope everyone has a great time.
    It's a good night out for the hood!

  33. Right Chopper, and it concerns me because this is really MY HOOD. I certainly don't mind the trekk to another block party, but I know I am not the only myballard peep to live right in this little area near the post office, 7-11 etc.

  34. Well, I'd suggest that the 'night out' should be everyone in every area, not just for a specific location or specific time. Feel free to have a good family walk around your home, look to meet and great the folks on your way, etc.
    Repeat as often as you can.
    I like the block parties and such, but once a year is hardly sufficient. imho.
    You aren't alone, enjoy the day.

  35. There is supposed to be one on 52nd between 8th & 9th.
    I will try there first before the park. Headin out soon…

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