Pig mobile new addition to Old Ballard

Roaming food trucks are all the rage in Seattle these days (see our story on the Parfait truck below). And if you’ve been in Old Ballard on Friday or Saturday night over the last few weeks, you may have noticed this pig-meets-RV contraption parked in the grassy lot across from Bastille.

It’s called Maximus/Minimus, a new creation from the company behind Pasta & Co. and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. It spends its weekdays in downtown Seattle catering to the lunchtime crowd with pulled pork sandwiches, Beecher’s cheese, chips and slaw. Now in Old Ballard on Friday and Saturday nights, they’re hoping to attract the bar crowd. How’s business? Slow, so far, they tell us, but they have high hopes for the late-night lure of pulled pork.

9 comments on “Pig mobile new addition to Old Ballard”

  1. Saw that the other night (no one in line for it, BTW). Good idea, bad location – Ballard Ave already has plenty of good late night eats (till 2AM) at long time spots like The People's Pub (including pulled pork sandwiches) or Dante's hot dogs carts. There have been others to try in the past, but Ballard Ave late night regulars seem to take care of their own first … maybe they should locate in Fremont where all the clubbers come out drunk & hungry rather than just drunk LOL.

  2. They're over at the entrance to Magnuson Park right now (Sunday) and there was 6-10 customers the entire time I was there. I just had one of their pull pork sandwiches and it was very tasty. I'll definitely look them up again.

  3. Very tasty…if you like things spicy ask for “double hurt”. I like it when they are parked by the stadiums before the Sounders games.

  4. I want to try these guys out while they're parked in Ballard. Anyone know what time they show up Friday/Saturday on Ballard Ave?

  5. I've been dying to eat from this steel pig. Very glad to know it's spending some time in Ballard!

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