Gas station robbed at gunpoint

Early this morning, a gas station on the 9000 block of Holman Road was robbed. Police say that a white male in his 20s entered the station before 1 a.m. with a handgun. The suspect did not fire any shots. An hour and a half later, police say another robbery occurred at a gas station at 75th and Roosevelt with the same suspect description. The suspect is 5’11” to 6’2″ with a medium build and short blonde hair. He was wearing black sunglasses, black sweatshirt, black sneakers and khaki pants. K9 was called in, but couldn’t locate the suspect. (Thanks Silver & Louie for posting in the forum.)

4 comments on “Gas station robbed at gunpoint”

  1. Silver: our dedicated watchdog. Hats off to you and Louie! I was sleeping my ass off at 2am.

  2. Me too. Once again, Silver (and Louie) fends off ignorance. I haven't looked yet, but I doubt the Times or P-I has this story.

  3. norabell,

    that's why the times wants to collaborate w/my ballard. so they can be sleeping too. cheap journalism. (no offense to the geeky swedes).

  4. “kim1234”: How exactly is that cheap journalism? Beat reporters have long had local sources that informed them of what was happening on the street. It's just that these beat reporters really no longer exist — they were laid off years and years ago, because no one wants to buy a print ad next to a crime story or police blotter — and the local informants have turned to the screaming match that is the Internet.

    Further, when reporters had no local informants available, they often relied on arrest reports that sometimes were posted on the precinct door in some towns. But because of cutbacks, the folks who used to put those arrest reports on the door also aren't around. And it's not as though our local law-enforcement officials are necessarily eager to promote crimes and investigations on their own.

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