Radio Shack robbed at gunpoint

The Radio Shack on Market Street was robbed this morning. Seattle Police spokesman Mark Jamieson says that a suspect walked into the store at 9:15 a.m. and confronted the clerk with a handgun. Once he robbed the store, he took off, Jamieson says. The suspect is described as a white male in his late 20’s, 6′ 1″ tall weighing between 180 and 190 pounds. He was wearing black sunglasses, a black hat, a black puffy coat and blue jeans. SPD Robbery Detectives are currently investigating. (Thanks Silver for the tip!)

19 comments on “Radio Shack robbed at gunpoint”

  1. Hey, welcome to the new Ballard!

    Big puffy coat: sign of a recent arrival.

    Honestly, nobody who has lived here for more than a few weeks wears a big, puffy coat. This is the mark of some idiot who has just arrived fro LA or Atlanta, and all they know about Seattle is that it's “up north” and it rains a lot. They think it's cold here, so they wear a puffy coat.

    I swear, the police should just round up everybody they see hanging out on the streetcorners standing around in puffy coats.

  2. That description matches a group of young men that frequently hang out up in Crown Hill, behind the Petco and by the Value Village. There are 2 or 3 that wear the big puffy coats (black coats), standing around or walking up and down the street smokin and jokin around…

  3. I have a couple big puffy coats. Granted I don't wear them outside the dead of winter and not even that often then, unless I'm heading up to the pass, but really…all crime can be solved by arresting anyone with a big puffy coat?
    The perp is just as likely to be homegrown no matter how much you want to blame “the others”.

  4. “welcome to the new Ballard!”

    Yes, no doubt one of those overpaid tech workers/yuppies, living in a condo.

  5. Radio Shack? Jeez, if I were going to rob a place I'd pick one that people actually shop at. I bet that loot bag was pretty light.

    Maybe he was stealing some radio controlled toys…and batteries.

  6. I grew up in Ballard and definitely knew at least a few fellow lifetime Ballard residents who wore puffy jackets.

  7. Ballard still coming up in the world. Someones house gets busted in and then the rat shack gets hit.

  8. I think the Radio Shack on Crown Hill was robbed last week. We were at our preschool and the police came to say that an armed robber was hiding out in the neighborhood after just robbing the radio shack. He told us to please beware and shut the doors. That was about 9:30 AM on Thursday.

  9. Xphd- I bet they listen to that damn rap and hippety hop music too. Nice job on pulling out the Atlanta diss added to the usual and oh so tired LA mud slinging. You don't know anything about culture of the under 25 set do you? It's OK.

  10. It's awful that ANYONE is getting robbed, especially at gunpoint…but I find it odd that a Radio Shack was the target. From the description of being robbed at gunpoint, I just assume that money (and perhaps some merchandise) was taken. If that's the case, the robber(s) were probably out-and-about at that hour and didn't exactly plan ahead for a big score since they hit the store shortly after opening, or they are just morons. Armed robbery on a retail business in the morning before they have had any sales for the day? What a big score…bundles of singles and rolls of quarters in the till.

  11. Big Puffy Coats hide weapons quite well.

    This really isn't lost on you guys right?

  12. Ummm…people are actually shopping at Radio Shack. That's why their stock has gone from about $9 to $15+ in the last 6 months, and is basically back where it was before the s&*t hit the fan and the market cratered a year ago. Their stock price has also been buoyed by the $290 million share repurchase program they recently instituted.

    And they've decided to sponsor a professional cycling team with the biggest name in cycling…Lance Armstrong… as team leader.

    It's amazing that they can accomplish all of this when nobody is shopping there.

  13. yes. they do. But it's become such a fashion statement that you can't just assume that everyone in a big puffy coat is a criminal.

  14. It’s funny just the other day I saw a police officer wearing a puffy coat, why not throw him in jail too….
    Atlanta, L.A., shut the hell up!!!
    Were talking about a drug addict looking for his next fix, who no doubt will end up in prison.
    Quit stereotyping people, I’ve got a puffy coat and I’m not out looking to rob a freaking store.

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