Pharmacy open during construction

The expansion of Swedish Medical Center on Tallman Ave NW has created quite the construction zone in front of the Ballard Plaza Pharmacy and at first glance you may think the pharmacy is closed. We received this email from an employee:

“It seems many assume we have closed due to the construction. While the parking lot off of Tallman avenue is closed while construction continues there are still entrances open off of Barnes avenue, Market street or through the tunnel that connects Swedish hospital to the Medical Plaza building. We are still open during our regular business hours of 9-6 Monday-Friday and can be reached at (206) 782-7200. for those who have difficulty getting to us we do offer mail service and a local delivery service. Swedish is offering the first 30 minutes free parking in the parking garage on Tallman Avenue for all users of the Medical Plaza building during the construction.”

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Do NOT ask the construction guys how to get into the building they will only misdirect you!