Crown Hill looks at improving Holman Rd/15th Ave

The Crown Hill Business Association and the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association are teaming up with UW students to improve a section of the Holman Road/15th Ave corridor. The students are part of the Community, Environment, and Planning Program and are working to design a series of planted medians for the stretch of road. While this is just an academic exercise at this point, the CHBA and CHNA want the design to be something that can be implemented. “Improvements to the corridor have the potential to make our neighborhood safer for both drivers and pedestrians, nicer looking and greener,” the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association website states. You can give your two cents by taking this survey. There will be a community meeting in December to review the designs.

6 comments on “Crown Hill looks at improving Holman Rd/15th Ave”

  1. I would love to see a planted median along the entire length of 15th and holman. Similar to the one on 8th ave north of 65th.

  2. I second that PT. I just want to feel safe walking in my own neighborhood. Sidewalks please!

  3. In yesterdays post about scammers claiming to be from BHS: one of the scams was requesting donations for a cleanup on 15th. Clearly the scammers know a bit of what is actually going on at the HS.

  4. We could always build a viaduct over the street for you to walk on! Then, we will license and tax the people that walk! Stupid hoitie toitie walkers…

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