New school maps show minor Ballard changes

The new Seattle School boundary maps have been released with several changes affecting Ballard families. The most-anticipated change is the boundary for Ballard High School (see new map): the northern line remains NW 85th St., but the eastern line has shifted from Aurora Ave. to Greenwood Ave. — and a section around Green Lake has been moved to Roosevelt High.

The new map is above. The old map is below.

“The changes reflect balancing capacity at north‐end schools, preserving capacity at Ballard to accommodate a projected increase in student enrollment, and enabling more students to walk to Roosevelt,” Seattle Schools explained in this .pdf document posted this evening. “Changes requested but unable to be made include extending the northern boundary beyond NW 85th St., because it would have put Ballard over its functional capacity.”

There’s also a small change to the boundaries for both Whittier Elementary School and Whitman Middle School (see new map). The new map is above, the old map is below. The southern boundary, including for Loyal Heights Elementary, has been shifted just a bit.

“The changes reflect community desires to have the Whittier attendance area reflect more closely its surrounding neighborhoods and enable more students to walk to elementary schools within this attendance area,” Seattle Schools said. “The changes also reflect more recent 2009‐10 data; the proposed boundaries for this attendance area were based on older 2008‐09 data available at the time. These data show an increase in the growth for the Greenwood, Loyal Heights, and Whittier attendance area; boundaries were adjusted to accommodate this growth.” Let us know your reactions in comments below…

October 14th: Ballard residents speak out about boundary maps

103 comments on “New school maps show minor Ballard changes”

  1. “The wealthy white people in QA that you think have engineered this send their kids to private school. They don't care about who goes to Ballard HS, because they have no intention of using it”

    I've heard quite the opposite. But lets hope you're right.

    “Honestly, people – why don't you spend your energies improving the schools? Have you not noticed that they stink?”

    Improving schools w/o school board support is extremely difficult. I do agree that Seattle schools stink (for a city of this size they're just horrible). What I think you will see with this new plan is that BHS will become the shining star of the school system. Garfield and Ingraham will quickly go down the tubes. And this will all be done with the full approval and cooperation of the school board.

    I think the best thing parents can do to help our schools is demand vouchers.

  2. I agree with you, that change doesn't make sense. The border should be Aurora like it was before. The only part that needed to change was the area north of Green Lake.

    That said, it's not true that Phinney is closer than 85th. The north and west boundaries to BHS are the same: 0.87 miles. In other words, both boundaries are less than a mile, i.e. walking distance.

  3. KSG.. If you are such an advocate for public schools and are so concerened about the welfare of all schools, then certainly you can see that filing a lawsuit will waste thousands of dollars (perhaps millions of dollars if it goes anywhere).

    I didn't agree w/ the other lawsuit and I don't agree w/ your threatened one. While the Plaintiff's can probably get pro bono counsel, the district cannot and it's an incredible waste of dollars that are truly needed in the classroom.

    You don't have kids in public schools (per your earlier post) – not sure if that means your children are too young, or too old or if they are in private school.

    True advocates for public schools get in there and do something locally. You could volunteer at one of those schools you are so concerned is being mistreated or the victim of the segregation.

    Community/ parent involvement has a huge impact on school success.

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