Power restored for more than 3,000 customers

Updated 3:30 p.m.: Power is back on for more than 3,000 homes and businesses in Loyal Heights, Crown Hill and Blue Ridge. The power went out about 1:50 p.m. today after trees fell on a power line. The general boundaries of the outage were NW 113th St. on the north, NW 65th Street on the south, Greenwood Ave. N. on the east, and Earl Ave. N. on the west. While some customers within this area still had power, we asked Mike Eagan to explain. The boundaries are “determined by which “feeder” line is out — think of it as an arterial street with multiple lines running off of it down side streets. Since the feeders serve routes that don’t have regular boundaries (boxes or squares), we can only give the outer-most limits, thus including everyone affected plus many who are not,” he says.

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  1. It's back on as of 2:35 – at least in our area so I'm assuming everywhere else. How does a tree falling on one power line affect such a large area? I guess I have no idea how the power grid works.

  2. I'm smack in the middle of those boundaries, and my power browned out around that time, but didn't go out.

  3. Better yet, how did a tree fall? There is no wind today.
    Feeder lines bring power into an area and the distribution lines run down each street with a service lead to each location using it. So it depends which feeder line your distribution line is hooked to if you lose power. Not sure I understand the brown out location, perhaps you have more than one feeder line? Probably blew a fuse somewhere to make your power go back to normal. The fuses prevent overload up stream.

  4. One of the moms at our school said that a company was trimming down large branches at the house behind hers and she heard a crash and a guy yell, “Well &$#!, that's never happened before!” and another guy yell, “Don't touch it! That's a live wire!” So, I think that probably explains what happened. I don't know the mom personally but I don't think she was making it up.

  5. My power was fine but my Comcast internet and cable TV were out during that same period…wonder if there was a connection?

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