Old Ballard lights up with Santa

Holidays in Ballard kicked off in earnest Saturday night with a visit from Santa.

Santa Claus sat inside the Old Ballard bell tower at Marvin Gardens Park, listening to wish lists from dozens of kids.

Photos were provided by Jay Dotson Photography with the proceeds benefiting the Ballard Food Bank. (By the way, Jay has teamed up with Ballard Blossom to take Santa photos. More details on BallardSanta.com.)

Some of the kids were a little shy — at first.

The Seattle Fire Department’s Ladder 18 was also in attendance, which was nearly as big of a hit with the kids as Santa.

There was also popcorn and hot drinks.

Holidays in Ballard organizers adorned the bell tower and several trees in Marvin’s Garden and Bergen Place with holiday lights. We’re told this is the first time in years that the bell tower has been lit up for the holidays

By the way, the missing Holidays in Ballard banner was discovered in an alley behind a house, and it was reinstalled in time for this weekend. (Full disclosure: Jay Dotson Photography is a sponsor of My Ballard.)

13 comments on “Old Ballard lights up with Santa”

  1. Looks like a bunch of Ballard vagrants bothering Santa for free stuff again….

  2. I do not advocate vandalism but that banner is ridiculous, it is hung poorly without any sense of placement or aesthetic.

    What made Ballard charming was it's charm, not condos and townhomes, not shopping-shopping-shopping and definitely not big awkward banners.

  3. Don't like a banner? Don't look at it. In fact do NOT come to Ballard and leave your anger elsewhere. I don't see “vagrants” in any pix here. I do see kids and apparently some adults even having a good time. “Charming” would be some leaving Ballard. No go hide for a month and leave the rest of us to good cheer and a slight Holiday spirit!

  4. Take another look: the short vagrants, sitting on Santa's lap, asking for something for nothing.

    We have enough of them in Ballard I say!

  5. Hey, it's not my fault Santa promotes vagrantism….hell, most Santas look like vagrants.

  6. Some of us got it. This darn socialism by mini vagrants is taking over our country. :)

  7. This was a great get together. Thank you to all who organized it. My daughter had a fun time, and it was nice to see so many people out and about. Happy Holidays!

  8. I rent a space in Ballard, I don't appreciate being told not visit. I checked out your history of posts, maybe you should go hide for a while and let everyone else enjoy some cheer.

  9. We enjoyed this event! It was my daughter's first time meeting Santa! Wondering if anyone knows when the Santa photos will be uploaded to the snapizzi site?

  10. The fire truck is Ladder 8 from fire station 18 next to Walgreen's. There is no Ladder 18 in the SFD.

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