8 comments on “Sunset Magazine to profile Old Ballard”

  1. let's just hope all the stores will still be there when the issue comes out!

  2. love that fresh flours, the newest place in ballard is being photographed as part of a piece on old ballard.

  3. I remember when Sunset magazine did a story on Ballard in 1986 featuring the Tractor, the Firehouse, and the Backstage (now Ballard Health Club). They called this a hip upcoming neighborhood, then the grunge thing kicked off. Wonder what will happen this time…

  4. there is no old ballard. walk through university village and down ballard ave. and tell me the difference. there is none. for someone who has worn a blue collar his whole life it's the sadest place in town.

  5. I have a feeling that Fresh Flours will be here for the long haul at least. Good coffee, even better pastries, and they're running their baking business out of the location.

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