Water to be shut off for some after hydrant hit

This morning, Seattle Public Utilities crews responded to the corner of 14th Ave NW and NW 85th St where water was flowing from a fire hydrant.

According to one of the crewmembers, someone hit the hydrant, knocking it off its base. He said they would have to shut the water off to some customers in the area until about noontime, although they won’t know the extent of the damage until they get in there. Water from the hydrant was flowing south past 80th on several streets.

5 comments on “Water to be shut off for some after hydrant hit”

  1. I spose Name takes military showers all the time too then, correctomundo? Got restrictors on every faucet? Never washes the car, right? First thing I thought about was what the vehicle looked like upon picking a fight with a hydrant? Poetic justice perhaps?

  2. I'm betting it was a garbage truck, not many cars would be drivable following an impact like this one.

  3. Well, thats what happens in the ghettos of ballard. This doesn't happen over in the west side of the neighborhood.

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