Free Deathcake Royale tasting Thursday

Deathcake Royale, a sinfully chocolaty Valentine’s treat is coming back to Cupcake Royale starting tomorrow through February 14th. Tonight you can get a preview taste for free! The chocolaty treat is described as, “death-by-chocolate meets Cupcake Royale” with dark chocolate ganache, chocolate cake royale, Stumptown espresso ganache, and Theo Chocolate decadence.

The free samples and Stumptown coffee pairing is Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at all four Cupcake Royales, including the one at 2052 NW Market St.

11 comments on “Free Deathcake Royale tasting Thursday”

  1. Epic! I love Royale..especially when they don't run out of cupcakes which is pretty much everyday after 6p.

  2. the deathcake is amazing, but so so rich. A sample size might be the right amount. I will definitely be there for this one.

  3. deathcake royale isnt all that great. try their other ones, this one is straight hype.

  4. I completely disagree. The Deathcake is GREAT, but should definitely be shared. It's far too dense for one person to finish alone.

  5. I was going to get one once, but it seemed the price was a bit ridiculous, something like $7 or so? Is this still the case? I'm fine with paying good money for good dessert, but that seemed to be a bit out of line for what I'd expect to pay for a little square of chocolate at a cupcake store.

  6. I'll agree with you, but I think ALL of their cupcakes are horrible. I much prefer Trophy.

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