Value Village relocating, Grocery Outlet moving in

People have been emailing us wondering what is going at the old QFC location at the corner of 15th Ave NW and NW 85th St.

Workers are busy transforming the old grocery store into a new Value Village. Daniel snapped the above photo with his Blackberry before the sign was covered up with plastic.

Meanwhile, Grocery Outlet is planning to move into the location that is currently Value Village (8700 15th Ave NW.) We spoke with Peyton Robertson with Grocery Outlet who tells us they plan to have their new location open the beginning of May “provided that construction goes as planned,” she tells us.

113 comments on “Value Village relocating, Grocery Outlet moving in”

  1. And with my last comment, and this, it will be the last. I do have better things to do and much, much more important things to think about.
    Wishing you well.

  2. StopGo was minutely more likeable when he focused on bicycles. But this thread may feed his ego more, since a lot more people care about a beloved grocery store than they do about him going head-to-head with a train.

    Everyone has to eat, far fewer adults can ride (or even WANT to ride) a bicycle. It's a shame when a troll acts like a caffeinated 5y/o, while the rest of us normal people don't have an IGNORE feature that would save us some irritation.

  3. 'So you are generally lucky to be entertained in every aisle you walk down by a maelstrom of profanities ands hollering. that was probably the highlight of the trip.'

    that's the meth wearing off.

  4. Yes – everything that you posted a pic of was expired.
    BUT – Everything that you posted a pic of could be eaten two years from now and be fine. 10 years ago – most of those items wouldn't even have an expiration date or one about 5 years out. Producers added those or made them shorter to make people throw them out so they can buy new stuff. Much like the freshness date on a 6-pack of canned beer. Totally B.S. – just advertising and training people too stupid to know better. Kind of like training stupid consumers that leasing a car is a deal.

  5. I live 3 blocks from the Grocery Outlet at MLK & Union. Grocery Outlet is part of the community. They have a program that allows people to nominate families in need to receive grocery donations. Every Friday afternoon from May to October the G.O. hosts the Madrona Farmer's Market in their parking lot. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
    If I'm having a party I swing by to pick up soon-to-be-consumed snacks and ice. They carry brands I recognize at a fraction of retail – Amy's, Kashi, Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Annies, Yogi Tea, Seeds of Change. It's a great place to stock up on organic canned staples like beans and tomatoes.
    Every trip is an adventure because of their rapidly rotating stock. I'm a label reader so scanning the expiration is no big deal to me.
    I shop at Madison Market, TJs and the PCC – why wouldn't I shop here, too?
    Set your preconceptions aside and actually step inside.

  6. stopgo – Please elaborate on what makes MLK and Union a good spot for the Grocery Outlet and how it differs from the former Value Village site in Crown Hill.
    Also, my post was not directed at you; it was a general call for skeptics to stop by and experience a Grocery Outlet.

  7. That video was great. That's exactly what I do when I go to Grocery Outlet because I love it so much.

  8. Obviously stopgo is Doug11. Even if it isn't exactly the same person he/she has the same tactics and should be treated as such. IGNORE.

  9. Those opposed to an affordable grocery outlet sound like bigots to me. I hope you never suffer any hardship or illness, and you're forever surrounded by neatly dressed affluent and attractive people.

  10. Whole Paycheck?!?! No way. I hope they stay far away from Ballard/Greenwood/Fremont.

    I haven't given one dime to Whole Farce since their CEO said he opposes health care for all citizens and also agrees with Rush Limbaugh on climate change.

    I don't give my hard-earned money to right-wing businesses. And Whole Foods is now in that category. Stay out of my neighborhood, A-Hole Foods.

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