Bizarre standoff at 7-Eleven ends peacefully

Update 11:45 a.m: A man with a “very realistic looking Airsoft gun” walked into the 7-Eleven on Leary Way on Saturday night, sparking a strange standoff that closed Leary Way and ended with the suspect in custody.

It began just before 11 p.m. “I was in there and he was chugging a beer and then poured half of it on his head,” says a witness in comments below. “I payed for my stuff and left, and started walking out and he put a gun on top of his head. At that point I left and the first cop was pulling in.” Fortunately, employees and customers were able to escape as police surrounded the building.

A SWAT team and negotiator were called, and they watched as the man danced around the store, cleaning and exercising (some of which we observed from our vantage point nearby). “We’d like you to come out so we can be sure you’re OK,” the negotiator said over the loudspeaker “It’s a little unusual for you to be inside a 7-Eleven by yourself, doing exercises and calisthenics.”

In between the activity, the man would sit on the floor as the negotiator tried repeatedly to convince the man to listen to him. At one point, SWAT set off a flash-bang to get the man’s attention.

Finally, at 1:40 a.m., the man put on his jacket and exited the store with his arms in the air, where he was met with a SWAT team at gunpoint. Police say “a very realistic looking Airsoft gun was in a holster on the suspect’s belt.” The suspect was transported to a hospital for a mental evaluation, and he’ll be booked in jail upon his release. (Thanks Silver for alerting us to the story!)

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  1. Yesterday, “Trip Powers” motor-home was towed. I really do think it was him. He had been visually changing his motor-home every day up till that Saturday, and he walked up Leary a lot. I have video footage of him during some of his fits.

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