Man burned in camper fire

Updated: Fire investigators spent the morning sifting through the aftermath of a fire in a camper parked along 9th Ave. near NW 45th St., near Fred Meyer.

Firefighters were called at 7:30 Sunday morning, and they discovered light smoke coming from one of the campers parked along the street. They rescued a man inside, and medics transported him to Harborview for treatment for smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on his legs.

A fire marshal was called to the scene to investigate whether the fire was intentionally set — by the occupant or someone else — or if it was an accident. (Thanks Silver for the tip!)

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  1. You get a nasty comment after you discount me saying I'm not part of the workforce so I don't know whats up.

  2. The only reason I hope this guy has a quick recovery is so we don't have to pay for his degenerate ass being in the hospital.

  3. Thank god. Maybe we could hand out defective propane heaters to the rest of them, get rid of em real quick.

  4. It's my understanding that Comcast uses “dynamic” as opposed to “static” IP addresses. So if an owner bans a troll by blocking their IP address, that banned address will be recycled and reassigned to an innocent, unsuspecting user. So THAT person will get the “the site has blocked you from posting new comments”, when the hadn't commented to begin with!

    Thus, the troll keeps coming back and posting. Hopefully, there IS a way for the Swedes to figure out how to block such jerks once and for all.

  5. Hopefully this idiot burnt his “third leg” too, leaving him unable to breed.

  6. I do feel really bad that this guy got hurt.

    OK…if one were to compare the license plate (public records) of the RV in question and cross reference the registered individual with court records, one may find reckless endangerment and assault (6 times). Check it out.

    I also wonder if they had vehicle insurance and health insurance. I wonder how much the police call, the towing, the hospital visit, the emergency vehicles, etc. costs the city and tax payers (assuming no insurance). Just a thought.

  7. Now, now, let's not be too tough on Jizzball. Poor guy was born without a brain or a clue.

  8. I suggest that we all donate some defective propane heaters to the rest of these jackasses. We need to get rid of these asshats.

  9. Hopefully this douchebag's wiener got burnt severely enough to prevent him from breeding.

  10. I think that is a glitch. I got that yesterday on a story I had only made on innocuous comment on.

  11. Noone posts without registering. Noone registers without a valid email and contact info. Only one screen name per registered user. That would be a start. Stopping a banned user who wishes to take advantage of the Comcast's “dynamic” IP addresses is a matter for someone more computer savy than myself.

  12. On a related note, Jizzball's other user names today on Disqus included Realist and either 8BallArd or 8BAllArd, I forget which, but both are gone now. And what's odd is that even after the GS deleted 10 or so of Jizzball's comments, they ALL still appear on the mobile version of this page on my BB.

  13. Bingo.

    I am so tired of the bum advocates here. Yes, I suppose that one or two of them may not be sketchy, degenerate scumbags – but the vast majority seem to be. You like them so much, have them come park in your yard and see how noble their struggles are.

    With few exceptions, these are undesirables that are only taking advantage of the naivety and bleeding hearts of the clueless squishy-headed fools who enable them.

  14. You misunderstand. I don't want to shove them off anywhere. I simply think that there is more room for them to camp in industrial areas with less negative impact, rather than in residential ones.

    For the record, I live, work, and own property in an industrial area. I report the car farmers often, but so far haven't seen a problem with the couple of campers in the area. When I do, I'll report them too. As long as they're parked legally, without problems, I'll live and let live.


    Assuming, of course, that they do indeed exist.

    If I were one who had no option but live in my car or RV. And wanted to clearly represent myself as no threat to the health and welfare of this community, I would immediately adopt a 'wagon train' posture. I would find all like minded individuals in the same predicament, and only those like minded individuals, and circle the wagons, completely shutting out the nefarious, scum sucking, criminal trolls that do not care how much of a blight they place upon this community.

    If, you separate yourselves, keep your ranks ready and able to be defenders of your community, you will be visible to those of us who seek to assist you.

    If not, you will likely be lumped in with the rest of the debris, and cleared from this zip code.

    Best of luck.

  16. I agree, that would be great.

    However, I would venture to guess that many people who find themselves in this situation aren't the best communicators, have a hard time connecting with and trusting others, and have varying degrees of difficulty interacting socially with others. Otherwise, they may not have gotten into the situation they're in. This does not necessarily make them bad people, just that they don't connect in a way that others are comfortable with.

    So, while it would be convenient for us if they would sort themselves out this way, it's probably unrealistic to hope that they would do so.

  17. No place for them to legally park and live?

    University Trailer Park
    2200 Northeast 88th Street, Seattle, WA 98115

    And yet, they still park outside of our homes and businesses, dumping trash and making our lives miserable.

  18. Lets make Ballard a hub for Bum Storage™. It adds so much color to the community. Besides, I love the smell of burning camper in the morning. It smells like victory.

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