Hole at 28th & Market now filled

As we wrote a week ago, the vacant lot at 28th and Market, which has been filled with water for at least a year will soon be put to use.

The property as it was being drained last week.

Robby sent us this updated photo today of the now-filled-in vacant lot. The property owner plans to make this land a monthly paid parking lot. (Thanks Robby for the photo!)

13 comments on “Hole at 28th & Market now filled”

  1. If you look above the intersection at 28th and Market, it looks like they are finally adding two more lights with lights at all sides of the intersection, not just on Market.

  2. Really? I wouldn't be surprised if they had permission to, not like you would think that they would haul it all out in tanker trucks. Someone should check with SPU though.

  3. Or given the earthquake suceptibility of that kind of loose fill maybe a skyscraper :)

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