Beware of aggressive crows

Each springtime crows become loud, aggressive and territorial.

Deepballard writes this warning in the forum:

Was walking south on 32nd, just before 62nd, when a crow dive bombed me from a tree, attacking my head. I thought someone had thrown something at my head until I heard the wings and saw the crow flying back up into the tree. Has this happened to anyone else? I know crows are territorial- so look out at that corner (west side of the street).

The crow scratched Deepballard on the head and drew blood, which the poster cleaned up with hydrogen peroxide. Deepballard asks, “Anyone know if crows carry communicable diseases?”

54 comments on “Beware of aggressive crows”

  1. Just had this experience while trying to walk into my own house. I tried a number of times, going back to my car and waiting, then getting out and trying to get to my door again. Each time, two of them would dive bomb me. When I would get back to my car, they would swoop at it.
    Still not back at my house…too scared!
    Do they hang out like that when it’s dark?

  2. I got dive bombed at green lake yesterday. I don’t know why they saw me as a threat and none of the other joggers. I turned around and the same crow was looking to do it again. I gave it a dirty look and it left me alone.

  3. I’ve been feeding crows for 3 years. I love them. They follow my car to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office. Last Friday they followed my car 45 miles to another city. I parked it and got on a plane for Hawaii. Now, I’m afraid they won’t be there when I return and won’t find their way home. There were 3 and they are a family of 7-8. I’m really worried for them. I get back at night, and will drive home in the dark. I’m really hoping they will be there when I return!

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