Pools & community centers have furlough day Friday

The Department of Parks and Recreation has another furlough day tomorrow (Friday May 28th) and next Tuesday. All Parks staff have Monday off for Memorial Day. Staff will be taking the day without pay to help fill the budget gap.

In addition to recreation facilities being closed, garbage cans won’t be emptied at parks tomorrow, nor will the bathrooms be cleaned and maintained. Normal park maintenance will occur throughout the remainder of the weekend. On Memorial Day, limited park maintenance staff will be on duty to empty trash cans and clean restrooms.

“We’ve done everything we can to limit the impacts of the furlough on our patrons, customers and visitors; however, the public will experience parks with diminished maintenance on Friday, May 28,” said Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent. “If park patrons encounter overflowing trash cans, we encourage you to pack out your own trash. We are asking the community to help us keep our parks clean on the few days this year that we are not able to clean them ourselves.”

Among the facilities and services that will be closed on Friday include community centers (except child care and late night programs, which will still operate), swimming pools, environmental learning centers, lifelong recreation (except food and fitness programs) and the business service center. On Tuesday, administrative offices will be closed.

Other sites/facilities, including golf courses, special events, the Amy Yee Tennis Center and the Seattle Aquarium will be assigning furlough dates individually to employees to ensure that they stay open to the public.

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